Pei County Jiangsu PV leader program through the National Department of design

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, PV, Pei “leader” project passed the national hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute review, marks significant progress in the plan.

PV “leader” program organized by the National Energy Board implemented, is designed to build photovoltaic power generation demonstration base of advanced technology, leading photovoltaic industry continued advances in technology and power generation have been expanding. According to the municipal development and Reform Commission, the relevant person in charge of the industrial Department, in order to further optimize the structure of energy, driving the development of the energy industry, the city’s innovative use of dragons, Pei gu, Dr Tun governance difficult coal mining subsidence land through agricultural complementarity and fishing light complementary implementation of PV, “leader” programme Project 1.1 GW total plans to invest billions, after the completion of the project are expected to add revenue of 200 million Yuan and save 400,000 tons of standard coal, emissions of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants 12000 tons, and will also lead a number of advanced technology batteries, components and repair chain project construction, upscale, chain development of related industries.

Original title: photovoltaic, Pei “leader” program through the National Department of design review

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