Peng Xiaofeng or the return of the King return to Sunway LDK

Arctic star solar PV network news: recently, game dimension founder, and Qian Chairman Peng Xiaofeng led its SPI team arrived in Jiangxi game dimension LDK Solar hi-tech limited, known, sinovideo since last year began on has on bankruptcy restructuring of road, zhiqian online biography of around of message said: Association Xin integrated is acquisition game dimension, but this message does not too clear, because Peng Xiaofeng, line people trip of purpose is talk about SPI acquisition sinovideo of related matters.

In fact, apart from Peng Xiaofeng SPI has bid to acquire new listed companies outside the LDK, there are seven companies have been bidding, including Concord, Crystal branch, us Redi … … Even a Korea enterprise. This description sinovideo has in to good of direction development, still is a is has value of enterprise, from January 2015 began, game dimension company of the business income compared are has growth, and achieved are cash flow, which wafer volume up 1.6 million tablets, close history highest level, Silicon material production through last year of cold hydrogen of technology Hou, production, and quality are sharply upgrade, production cost sharply reduced, market competitiveness significantly enhanced. In 2016, sinovideo was reborn like Nirvana, and only in the first two quarters, the business income has reached as much as a full year of revenues last year.

Although the bidding companies, but sinovideo Liu Zhibin, Chairman of the current meeting with former Chairman Peng Xiaofeng said: hope Peng Xiaofeng sinovideo stay, Peng Xiaofeng, after all, is the founder of sinovideo if Peng Xiaofeng can return to saving, one of the things that is welcomed by all. We also have reason to believe that each dimension can people look forward to welcoming Peng Xiaofeng, Chairman of “home”, believed that under his new leadership, sinovideo can revive the prestige!

Of course, the LDK will eventually flower who remains constant, so all of us will have to wait.

Original title: Peng Xiaofeng, or the return of the King return to saving!

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