Pilot plan to introduce PV helped impoverished disabled in Quzhou Zhejiang

Polaris solar PV net news: Quzhou city, introduced the 2016 PV helped impoverished disabled pilot implementation programme, poverty alleviation through industrial to household PV power generation projects to help some poor families of persons with disabilities to establish long-term income poverty alleviation project.

Quzhou disabled a total of 156,000 people, of which 73,000 people hold a disability card, as a special group of persons with disabilities, fewer revenue channels, the overall low level of income. In recent years, the city renovate, an improvement in the housing conditions of persons with disabilities, PV helped pilot uses existing housing conditions of persons with disabilities, to create more income.

Programme pointed out that, distributed PV power has investment small, and construction fast, and accounted for to area small, and stability high, and installation maintenance simple, advantages, is grid PV power of mainstream; face rural sunshine resources good, and no labour, and no stable income source of poverty disabled households, implementation PV poverty, can effective guarantees its basic life needs, and can makes its in 20 or 30 years get more stable of income, achieved continued increase out poverty. Meanwhile, photovoltaic power generation is also conducive to improving the ecological environment, with significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Object for the implementation of the programme of Quzhou city and area household and hold a second generation card poor persons with disabilities, selected basic conditions for 2015 documentation State St households, and towns along the road within Visual range. In 2016, the implementation in pilot regions selected 30 families in filing state card disabled poor families build 3KW (12 PV panels) a distributed solar power projects, within 6 months of completion of the project, achieving average annual income of about 1500-2500 goals.

Original title: pilot programme for the introduction of PV in our city helped impoverished disabled

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