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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. energy, Hubei Province, on adjusting the size of allocation in 2014 and 2015, PV power station remaining notifications index

In 2015, in accordance with the requirements of the National Energy Board, I through competitive methods in two batches in 2015-scale index assigned to specific projects, and the 2014 and 2015 for the record of the PV power station construction schedule proposed specific requirements.

Residual scale indicator 223,000 kW, the remainder of 2015 2014 scale indicator 440,000-kilowatt (including supplementary indicators) are no longer assigned to a specific project, managed by the energy Bureau, assigned first-served principles, points out.

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2. on PV implementation of poverty alleviation project in Yichang, Hubei Province people’s Government

A few days ago, Yichang city people’s Government issued the opinions on photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, provided for in the comments, 2016-2018, 3 years on file in the City State poverty-stricken villages and poor implementation of PV projects for poverty alleviation (capacity 700,000-kilowatt).

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Market review

1. a “price promise” not China’s polysilicon industry calls for tightening of trade remedy measures, such as

On May 15, latest news, plenary session of the European Parliament recently adopted a non-legislative resolution, opposed to recognize China’s market economy status.

In this regard, China’s Commerce Ministry responded immediately, according to the China’s accession to the WTO agreement article 15th WTO member on December 11, 2016 termination of anti-dumping against China’s “surrogate country” approach. This is a WTO Member States should comply with their international treaty obligations, does not depend on any member of the domestic standards.

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2. Audit Commission informed 132 million photovoltaic solar project in Ningxia has been built

On May 17, the National Audit Office announced the first quarter of 2016 829 units 1796 project tracking audit results implement major national policy measures.

In funding and manpower is not in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Central of Golden Sun demonstration project grants do not spending by 132 million yuan of funds and manpower.

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3. electricity prices cut PV comes up to?

National energy Bureau’s latest data show that in January-March this year, national new photovoltaic power installed capacity of 7.14 million-kilowatt, an increase of 52%. Industry experts believe that amazing capacity growth is the PV for “6.30” stress response to price adjustment. In power station construction after the initial installation costs a one-off subsidy of 1.0 times, power electricity subsidies 2.0 era will end, the PV industry in China is entering a new era of subsidies.

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4. the sixth instalment of additional renewable electricity price subsidy Directory audit progress

Pursuant to the National Energy Board issued the notice on implementing renewable energy generation project management (new [2015]358) stipulates that the new energy power generation projects and grid enterprise information management through the renewable energy project in a timely manner platform declared price list of additional benefits. Ask the Ministry of finance and the National Energy Board, requirements on enterprises before May 20, 2016 login platform and supplement information, will not be included in this batch of items overdue list of price subsidies.

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5. wind farm add photovoltaic power station construction feasibility analysis

Comparison of various kinds of renewable energy use, solar and wind power is one of the most mature technology and is also seen as most promising renewable technologies in the future. Wind energy resource and light resources have discontinuities and instability characteristic of certain parts of the world from a macro point of view, however, wind and lighting resources on the geographic distribution of resources has a great consistency, such as China’s “three-North region” is wind-rich regions, is rich in solar resources, for the construction of large-scale wind farms and photovoltaic power stations.

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Enterprise version

1. GCL PV integration by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiries “dark horse” what is the problem?

Late on May 18, a-share listed companies GCL integration released a clarification announcement, said had organized staff and intermediaries, on its Shenzhen Stock Exchange received the letter of inquiry on integrated 2015 annual report on GCL (hereinafter “letter of inquiry”) prepared to work.

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2. Peng Xiaofeng, or the return of the King return to Sunway LDK!

Recently, game dimension founder, and Qian Chairman Peng Xiaofeng led its SPI team arrived in Jiangxi game dimension LDK Solar hi-tech limited, known, sinovideo since last year began on has on bankruptcy restructuring of road, zhiqian online biography of around of message said: Association Xin integrated is acquisition game dimension, but this message does not too clear, because Peng Xiaofeng, line people trip of purpose is talk about SPI acquisition sinovideo of related matters.

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3. new or into a Wall Street Darling?

In Wall Street’s favorite SunEdison filed for bankruptcy when a bleak Outlook, one of the photovoltaic industry giants are to welcome the light from the East.

As China’s large private investment firms in the operation of its new energy flagship, new energy investment limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘ new) in the industry and capital movements particularly in the field of concern. The rapid development of the Chinese market, as well as its unique family genes, began to win from the heart of Wall Street investment banks.

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4. financial difficulties Yingli votes again in breach of

Baoding Yingli solar photovoltaic modules a pseudonym “11 Willie MTN1” medium-term notes due on May 12 this year, but China bond information network bulletin, ending business as at payment date, Yingli Green energy to cope with cash funds have not been received, equal default.

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5. the sharp fall of miserable fall leading position in solar sales

Dismal performance of sharp (Sharp) has decided to incorporate Taiwan Hon Hai its reorganization, although Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou promised in principle to maintain the sharp staff employment, layoffs, but with the sharp deterioration of performance, Hon Hai also appears to have changed his mind recently have spread news of the sharp cuts, and object to the solar cell business performance continues to falter.

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6.ST Yungang transboundary PV NET myth surprise

On April 29, ST cloud network acquisition plan, the company plans to issue shares bought by Ningbo, Wuxi environmental sanitation, jinneng, Shanghai XI 6 shareholders holding Ding into Sichuan electric power engineering Ltd (hereinafter “China Ding”) 100% equity.

Sichuan Ding is mainly engaged in investment in solar photovoltaic power plant development and construction, as a general contractor for the construction of photovoltaic power plant development, Sichuan Ding is responsible for the project survey and design, device purchasing, construction and other links.

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7. coal prices dive Thailand King of coal power in China to buy solar power

In the industry with the “King of coal power in Southeast Asia,” said of the banpu group, had been more interest in coal mining and traditional power generation. In 2016, the banpu group Kai began to launch a solar field expansion plans of mergers and acquisitions.

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Comment article

1. the PV industry how to come out of its “winter”?

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission pricing pricing Department official said, China will gradually cut photovoltaic subsidy levels until the removal of subsidies.

Solar power belongs to the new power type, because of its power generation costs are higher than traditional sources of energy, subsidies in its early stage of development in many countries, including China. Under the stimulus of the favorable policies, China PV industry has entered a period of recovery. Although the PV industry has gradually come out of the cold winter, but also increasingly dependent on the policy of the industry development, abandon light phenomenon, the funding gap expansion problem still exists.

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2. the five gave up the idea build photovoltaic power plant

As the State support policies for PV power generation are maturing, ushered in the building the roof installation spree, urbanites idle resources effective use of roof, on the premise of to meet their own electricity needs, the remaining electricity sold to the State grid, save electricity, and increased revenue, and practice of energy-saving, environmental protection, can be too.

But note! Not all people, all roofs are suitable for installation of photovoltaic power stations, urbanites encounter five situations can take the initiative to give up the idea of building power plants!

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3. crack renewable generation quotas and green certificate trading policy bottlenecks

With the expanding scale, renewable sources of energy face more severe challenges, especially amongst the higher proportion of power rationing and price subsidies gaps, planning construction problems. In the current environment, only by the continuation of previous policy will be difficult to resolve urgent problems facing renewable energy development must be combined with energy development and electric power system reform process, mechanisms for renewable energy policy and innovation.

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