Polaris solar PV NET week news highlights 5 23 to 5 27

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, 2016 PV power plant in Guangxi reserve projects complete list

Energy Board issued the energy Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of Guangxi on photovoltaic plant reserve items list notice released list of 4 photovoltaic projects, 146 MW of new capacity. According to GUI new (2016), 12th, combined with this notification, 2016 total reserve capacity of 1059 MW of PV projects in Guangxi.

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2, Guangzhou distributed photovoltaic power generation project management approach (draft for soliciting opinions)

2014-2020, Guangzhou City subsidies at the municipal level in financial arrangements supporting the city’s solar photovoltaic power generation application. Project grid or run for less than a year later, requests for funds or individuals can apply for subsidies to the municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued a plan for managing the funds.

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3, Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department notification regarding specification of PV power station construction of forest land-use

Recently, the State Forestry Administration and the provincial energy Board has issued a notice, further support the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry-related requirements and guidance. Yunnan province, in order to ensure that PV scientific location, reasonable layout, law and regulations use woodlands, regulate the use of PV power station construction issued a notice in forest-related matters.

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4, Heilongjiang four departments: take the PV poverty alleviation notice

According to the national development and Reform Commission and the State Council poverty alleviation Office, National Energy Board, the National Development Bank, agricultural development Bank of China of the views on the implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction (the change in energy (2016), No. 621) spirit of yanshou County of Heilongjiang province, more than 20 poor counties (cities) into photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation focus scope. Photovoltaic power generation in Heilongjiang province for the further poverty reduction, provincial development and Reform Commission and other four departments put forward three demands.

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5, Hangzhou, Zhejiang accelerate solar PV application implementation

Hangzhou people’s Government issued on May 20 on the innovation and development solar PV application to promote PV industry further suggestions. According to the opinion, built during the 2016-2018 grid-connected distributed photovoltaic projects, on the basis of subsidies at the national, provincial, and 0.1 Yuan/kWh subsidy, subsidy of 5 consecutive years (60 months).

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Market review

1, Hebei fengning PV project tenders puzzle: only one enterprise application success

On May 10, fengning PV enterprises was launched for the first time registration, which turn sunlight into poverty alleviation projects officially opened. The application attracted a number of new energy companies responded enthusiastically. However, a win was supposed to be the Government, enterprises and the poor pilot, but inexplicably from public bidding registration closed bidding application. Under the near-tailored application, eventually only completed the registration of an enterprise.

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2, the “concept”-PV plants will meet the best exit?

Existing stock of PV power plant, or will experience a “concept” opportunities. Support is behind it, by 2020, coal-fired power generation non-water proportion of renewable electricity and thermal power generating capacity, to reach more than 15% this mandatory requirement. Demand for photovoltaic power generation thermal power enterprises, the possibility of whether the project will increase the existing stock was acquired and its value?

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3, “Thirteen-Five” PV power could break the Council see this six-point

The “Thirteen-Five” period, the photovoltaic market will enter a new stage of development. To solve problems in the photovoltaic industry, you need to have a breakthrough in the existing policy, policies and mechanisms to safeguard national goals and meet the needs of photovoltaic power generation, and promote power marketization.

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4, the “trend” spread of photovoltaic supply chain market pessimism to a decline in the third quarter

As China’s largest photovoltaic exhibition SNEC has a close, following industry trends has become clear. Pull strength strong domestic demand in China in the first half, creating capacity fully loaded all the way so far this year, but accumulated too quickly in the first half of the grid will also allow domestic demand in China in 630 line after cooling. But India needs continued outside hot, remaining weak market demand, industry will be quite deserted.

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5, PV East especially should pay attention to the development of quality

Photovoltaic signs to the East in two or three years ago, is especially evident this year. There are big differences in the Northwest and East, economic, social, environmental, and policy are quite different. PV power station came from the West, East opened in “take it”, but also to change ideas, to some of the area’s troubles as a mirror, to the development of its high quality.

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6, efficiency who is going to lead? PERC, black silicone

PERC has become synonymous with the p-type solar cell efficient techniques when the once popular black silicon technology is making a comeback, polycrystalline solar cell efficiency further improved. Polycrystalline, fighting from conventional single crystal products spread to areas of high efficiency, PERC and two black silicon technology products price, maturity, such as production, capacity, again hot debate.

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Enterprise version

1, the second default Yingli debt restructuring would strip side

Accompanied by a second debt default, Yingli PV giant capital chain tensions have again been exposed in front of the world. But Britain is still the star of the local enterprise, related government departments of Baoding Yingli has been speeding up restructuring work. People close to the National Energy Board said debt restructuring programme would soon be issued, service and other non-business sector will be stripped.

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2, Hon Hai, reforming operational Sharpie or maintain solar panels

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on May 24, was in a period of sharp basic decisions in the future will continue to operate the solar panel business. Sharp downturn in business performance of solar panels, had discussed the sale of the business or scale back. Ready business is due to Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry has on the company’s business prospect.

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3, the erstwhile founder coming back? Peng Xiaofeng, SPI has bid to acquire LDK LDK

Walking all the way in the bankruptcy reorganization overlord of old solar LDK LDK (LDK.NYSE), the introduction of work or will have made substantial progress into the fight. On May 20, China PV News said sinovideo sinovideo Peng Xiaofeng, former Chairman and executives such as Chairman Liu Zhibin mihui several times lately, hope Peng Xiaofeng save LDK.

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4, zhongmin throwing billions of overweight PV: “Thirteen-Five” new machine aimed at 12GW

Opened less than two years time, as the “latecomers” China Minsheng Investment Corporation has become a horse in the field of PV power station “Super horse”. According to Han Qinghao said, people new to investment of about 100 billion yuan in five years, “Thirteen-Five” during the new 12GW installed, installed about 2GW a year on average.

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Comment article

Hong Wei: PV financing with financial institutions “lazy” out!

The saying goes “it takes two to tango” PV plants financing will not be just the unilateral responsibility, money supply – the finance companies should have an unshirkable responsibility. Responsibility, one of the financial companies lazy.

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