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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. the National Energy Council on the investigation into the condition of realization of photovoltaic power generation construction notice

Recently, the National Energy Board comprehensive Department issued the comprehensive national energy Administration Division on notice on construction of investigation and implementation of PV power system conditions, focused two points: 1, requires commitment to abandon rate is less than 5%. 2, charged investigation to verify this for photovoltaic power plant in the district and township land use tax and tax on land occupation for specific instructions.

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2. Shandong Province issued PV poverty alleviation programme

Recently, the leading group of poverty alleviation and development in Shandong Province issued special notice implementation plan for the province’s poverty alleviation crucial (robust poverty reduction Group (2016), 3rd). Notifications include poverty, poverty alleviation, PV 25 implementing programmes such as poverty alleviation, Shandong province, which contains the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programme, programme: 2016 to 2018 centrally organized photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation benefit about 1000 a pro-poor focus, 100,000 poor households of the village.

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3. Bureau of Anhui Province energy notice of promoting the sustained and healthy development of photovoltaic power station

Currently, photovoltaic power plant is a good development trend, Anhui Province, public tenders and construction scale of the building served first configured to promote fair competition in the market, a group of domestic photovoltaic development of leading enterprises to invest in the province, installed capacity from 2014 to the current 1.72 million-kilowatt, in 2015, production grew by 264%. Meanwhile, in the development and construction of photovoltaic power plant in the province, planning and construction projects in some cities and counties large scale requires Enterprise “resources-for-industry”, as well as with individual companies “exclusivity” agreements, and so on.

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4. development of BIPV “Thirteen-Five” program (draft for soliciting opinions)

According to the 13th five-year plan for national economic and social development and the development of solar power “Thirteen-Five” planning and the development of the construction industry “Thirteen-Five” programme, developed the BIPV development “Thirteen-Five” programme (hereinafter the programme). The plan describes the platform for BIPV development in our country’s achievements, and defined the objectives and tasks of BIPV development, as well as safeguards for BIPV development, is “Thirteen-Five” the fundamental basis for BIPV development in China.

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5. Zhejiang Haiyan first roof photovoltaic project resources allocated to provide financial assistance fund

For promote I County PV industry health development, according to Haiyan Government Office on issued straddling Haiyan advance industrial strong County construction speed up transformation development financial support several policy of notification (salt political do sent (2015) 65th,) spirit and Haiyan enterprise financial sex support funds management approach (salt fiscal enterprises (2016) 1th,) provides, by audit this times total 14 home enterprise meet grants conditions, reported by County Government approved, Now first roof PV project resources allocated to provide financial aid funds of 8.1518 million Yuan, funds special funds “Industrial Development Fund” expenditures.

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6. the Ministry of land and resources issued in 2016 national land-use plans to protect land for photovoltaic industry

Year plan to General land use planning control of land, a 3-year rolling production, annual release; the national focus of poverty-alleviation counties per counties arrangements added construction land use plan for 2015, greater supervision of the State Council praised rewards added construction land use plan; to each region in 2015 did not finish the disposal of idle land, areas deductions planned for 2016

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Market review

1. “survey” PV pattern change: East development

National Energy Board has released the first quarter of 2016 photovoltaic construction and operation information is given. Data showed first quarter PV changes, North China, East China, central China and the South more than 1 million-kilowatt new PV, the cumulative PV power installed totaled 25.6 million-kilowatt, exceeded that of North 23.64 million-kilowatt.

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2. light the fastest heat prices are expected this month introduced

Light heat so far undetermined impact on the progress of the enterprises, the National Energy Board to completed by the end of 2017 a solar thermal power plant model targets also became difficult.

However, on May 4 with the NDRC’s price Department-led light electric pricing advice Forum convened, thermoelectric development taking a new step. Reporters also was informed by the person, light heat price is expected as soon as this month was promulgated.

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3. adequate supply of polysilicon value good PV chain

In 2015, the global PV market growth, detonated a PV industry chain-wide restorative increased profitability, but only the most important raw material-polysilicon industry is still the world’s loss. “Prices continued to decline in the past year by almost 1/4.

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4. energy investment of “coal scenery back into” new Council officially launched

Breakthrough 1 billion-kilowatt installed capacity of thermal power expansion, national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board slow January five brakes. Under this, power Giants accelerated into wind power, photovoltaic, especially the distributed energy resources in the East began to abandon less wind power in favour of coal back scenery changes into energy investments officially launched.

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5. Shanxi yangquan PV leader plans to trial

Reporter recently from “Shanxi energy industry transformation and PV industry prospect Forum” Organizing Committee understand to, following Datong mining subsidence district PV model base became national energy Council “PV lead who plans” first was approved of project zhihou, yangquan city of subsidence district PV industry development plans also has through experts of trial, became national “PV lead who plans” in the of and a “associate lead who”.

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Enterprise version

1.21 said restructuring through Hunan, Hubei, by Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiries

May 9, SSE on *ST cloud network (Hunan e love) disclosure of issued shares purchase assets and raised supporting funds cum associated trading plans (Xia said “restructuring plans”) issued has inquiries letter, requirements listed company on restructuring plans in the involved of restructuring party Sichuan Ding into whether take shell listed, and financial problem, and listed company actual control people, and restructuring party of industry status, 21 items content for one by one description.

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2. the thanks to SolarCity plunged Super 20%

“Iron man” Thomas g company’s SolarCity’s life difficult at the moment. James chanos, a short by Wall Street after the eye, local time, on May 9, SolarCity announced first-quarter earnings, although the installed capacity has increased, but net profit per share was higher than expected, its shares plunged 20.44%. So lost and James chanos, a short play the first game.

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3. Dragon photoelectric leading gem this year publicly denounced first single

Who will be at the gem exit door “program since the opening of Dragon optical are” regulars “: 2012, 2013 losses for two consecutive years 2014 through capital operation to profitability, fell into losses last year. Roof leaking rain but it pours. Recently, the controlling shareholders of non-business use of funds, Dragon photoelectric received the 2016 gem companies first publicly denounced the punishment.

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4. behind the SunEdison photovoltaic giant bankruptcy

High build and is in deep financial crisis in the United States the photovoltaic industry giants as Sun Edison (SunEdison) filed for bankruptcy protection last month, since this year’s United States largest bankruptcy case.

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5, 1.8 billion yuan of debt into an overwhelming Yingli straws?

Yesterday, the Baoding tianwei Yingli new energy limited (hereinafter “Yingli”) announced that, as of May 12, 2016, Yingli Green energy failed to honour “10 Yingli MTN1” 357 million of debt. The same day, the China debt network announced that Yingli solar “power 11 MTN1” cash funds do not arrive on time and in full. Now, Yingli, total debt of more than 1.8 billion yuan.

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Comment article

1. parity is the key to photovoltaic power generation market

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, said China will improve the photovoltaic subsidy standards, preliminary consideration to develop differentiated photovoltaic subsidy standards, along with technological progress gradually reduced photovoltaic subsidy levels until the removal of subsidies. This is surfaced deal heralds PV PV began to set off parity, PV and cheap Internet access can become a reality in the near future.

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2. new energy to dissolve also must speed up the electricity system reform

Current new energy to dissolve, grid-connected not just of new power characteristics, are poor interest under the current system, form a “wind-fire competition” and “furious competition” the inevitable result. New energy to resolve to dissolve difficulties, we need to speed up technological innovation and remove institutional barriers in two aspects, only put the interest in new and traditional fossil energy sources and develop peak power, competition for complementary relationship in order to eliminate the bottleneck problem in the development of new energy, new faster expansion in the energy market.

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Character articles

1. Gao jifan: new PV “boss”

The past few years, China’s PV industry like a roller coaster. The top spot all have worth up to tens of billions of, but after several changes, ended sadly out of the field.

Now the boss is Gao jifan, Trina’s Chief Executive. A few years ago, this name is not widely known, Tseng, compared with China’s richest man, Shi, Peng Xiaofeng, Gao jifan’s popularity seems to be limited in the industry.

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2. Thomas g is out Buffett’s 5 companies?

Buffett and musk are rich, but they where almost nothing is the same.

An elite capitalist, is keen on the “status quo”, highly cash flow. Known as the “legendary investor” Warren Buffett built industrial Empires, businesses and business may not come from the eye, and is quite resilient, quite stable.

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