Polysilicon supply value good PV chain

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2015, the global PV market growth, detonated a PV industry chain-wide restorative increased profitability, but only the most important raw material-polysilicon industry is still the world’s loss. “Prices continued to decline in the past year by almost 1/4. Except for a few domestic enterprises managed to maintain profit, most enterprises are operating at a loss. “A few days ago, 2016 (third) materials for new energy Forum held in Chengdu, China Nonferrous metals industry association Zhao Jiasheng 2015 China poly silicon disclosure of corporate survival.

China’s polysilicon industry ended the solar grade polysilicon long history subject to the monopoly of foreign manufacturers of passive, and led by high quality low-cost raw materials, promoting the leaping development of China PV industry. It can be said that polysilicon and PV industry development industry development are inseparable and intertwined. However, the long-term below-cost prices, how to make healthy sustainable development of polysilicon and PV industry?

Polysilicon supply value good PV chain

Polysilicon second half of rising prices ushered in a restorative or a steady decline in

Fortunately, this situation has finally changed. According to Silicon branch of non-ferrous metals Association statistics, 2016 3 April polysilicon prices rising steadily in China, prices rose steadily from 117,800 Yuan/ton 143,600 Yuan per ton, an increase of 21.9%, is about to fill last year polysilicon prices continued to decline in nearly a year.

At present, the domestic polysilicon capacity is released in full, entered a period of return of polysilicon. Silicon branch prediction, change the root cause can only depend on supply and demand, from the beginning of 2016 to the end of April has maintained growth in demand. By installing impact before June 30, keeping growth in polysilicon demand, is expected to price highs in the second quarter, and back end-demand in the second half, polysilicon prices will gradually come down.

Specifically, the domestic polysilicon supply some 49,000 tons in the first quarter, 2% per cent higher, up 32.1%. Total imports in the first quarter 36,600 tons of polysilicon, 30.7% per cent higher, up 34.6%. Total Chinese market in the first quarter nearly 85,600 ton polysilicon supply, 12.6% per cent higher, up 33.3%. Due to increasing demand, driving prices to recover, prices steady rise from 117,800 yuan per ton in early March to the end of April of 143,600 Yuan/ton.

Meanwhile, the data shows that imported polysilicon still remain high in the first quarter, but most of them after simple processing for re-export, and not used by the battery module manufacturer, China.

Most domestic polysilicon polysilicon supply imports through simple processing and re-exported

Prices that is in short supply, but the current status quo is domestic supply and imports surged, why prices will rise?

This reporter has learned, mainly because of the substantial intake of simple processing of polysilicon ingot and wafer after export, domestic battery enterprises not using this part of the raw materials. According to 2015 of statistics data, China polysilicon annual up 170,000 tons, enough supply 36 JI w battery materials, and earlier crystal silicon battery production for 40 JI w, domestic polysilicon material self-sufficiency rate has reached 90%, but earlier imports polysilicon still reached broken records of 116,000 tons, which only not to 20,000 tons for added domestic battery production of materials gap, remaining 96,000 tons are is processing into silicon ingots and Silicon material, using China Government encourages import and export of duty-free policy return Taiwan, and Japan, and United States and other South-East Asian region in the production module.

China’s polysilicon has 40% per cent of global production, while China’s polysilicon industry structure adjustment to accelerate, concentration and constantly improve, it is expected that within the next 5 years, polysilicon production capacity will continue to increase by 5.1 million tons,-scale enterprises could increase up to 10 million tons.

A more abundant supply of domestic polysilicon, restrictions on imported polysilicon may be intensified. So limit imports polysilicon whether will effect domestic market of polysilicon supply? experts said, while domestic of polysilicon manufacturers production gradually upgrade, basic can meet downstream battery pieces of needs; on the, reduced of polysilicon imports is main is to enjoy national import and export offers policy and produced of imports, this part imports volume actually no for China battery enterprise by with, and large of imports prompted domestic and global polysilicon price way plunged, even below cost, long-term view, Is conducive to the development of the photovoltaic industry.

Polysilicon prices reasonably conducive to overall development of the PV industry chain

Insiders said the polysilicon price rise would increase manufacturing costs and raw materials, is not conducive to lower the cost per kilowatt of photovoltaic industry to achieve parity. However, in 2015, photovoltaic applications increased significantly, the PV industry chain profit recovery growth case, polysilicon is a global industry losses alone. In this regard, the long-term monitoring of polycrystalline silicon market silicon branch of non-ferrous metals industry association Deputy Secretary General Ma Haitian, polysilicon prices are now rising, it can only be called a “callback”. He added: “this round of polysilicon prices, to downstream photovoltaic companies, just erase oversold in raw material prices increased after last year’s profits did not increase the cost burden to the enterprises, and reason for polysilicon enterprises maintain profit, so as to maintain the balance between supply and demand in the domestic and global market and maintain the steady development of PV industry chain. ”

As the most important PV industry raw materials, after last year’s slump, multi crystalline silicon PV value return of positive effects on the whole PV industry chain is notable, the development of photovoltaic industry needs raw materials for reducing this and needs polysilicon of healthy and orderly market environment.

As China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said, over 165,000 tons of polysilicon production in 2015, than traditional polysilicon power in Europe and America, become the main force of global supply. After years of catch-up growth, domestic polysilicon has been very competitive in cost and price, our market more than 10 years ago 95% imports rose to 60% self-sufficiency.

“As you can imagine, if there is no domestic polysilicon industry development as a basis for the development of PV industry in China will remain controlled by others. Polysilicon prices, natural and raw materials will slow. Therefore, polysilicon and PV industry development industry development are inseparable and intertwined. “Zhao Jiasheng stressed.

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