Renewable energy affordable to buy utilization hours forecast

Polaris solar PV net news: national development and Reform Commission issued in March guaranteeing the purchasing management of the renewable energy power generation in full. Way systems describes the implementation of renewable energy affordable to buy, clarify responsibilities between the Government, power plant and power grid company. To solve the abandoned power, renewable to dissolve, and laid the Foundation.

Bloomberg new energy finance analyses:

First, about 96 million-kilowatt of the beauty items may be included in the scope of measures. Taking into account the “three North” areas significantly higher power rates, we believe Gansu, Xinjiang, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Liaoning provinces, the scene project guaranteeing the purchasing approach to. Deduction of concession projects and demonstration projects, a total of some 96 million-kilowatt around.

Second, guaranteeing the purchasing of wind power utilization hours about 1948 hours. According to the provinces of price above, and corresponding estimates of financing costs, installation costs, and 8% internal rate of return, we estimate that more than the average affordable wind power project utilization hours 1948 hour in 2015, representing a higher actual average utilization hours of 352 hours. Gap is the main reason the two provinces over 2015 years abandoned the wind high, and resources in these provinces is good lead to lower electricity prices. We estimate that Xinjiang and Gansu PV project of protective utilization hours, at 1025 hours, are lower than the province last year, the actual number of hours, mainly because the current PV on-grid price is higher.

Third, affordable acquisition effectively promote wind power project revenue. According to our calculations, in guaranteeing the purchase scenario, wind power project revenue levels by 2015, 20% on average.

IV, affordable acquisition and combination of market power has the effect of wind rate up to around 3%. If it is assumed that no case of blackouts over guaranteeing the purchasing of hours that included all the electricity market electricity trading, and this part of the charge corresponding to the price for the local scenery benchmark price difference with local coal benchmark price, guaranteeing the purchasing and marketing electricity total income 27% higher than in 2015. For wind power projects, the combined income, only 3% less than totally ideal state of power, equivalent to air ratio up to the 3% level.

Map: affordable hours actual use estimates and 2015 hours difference

Renewable energy affordable to buy utilization hours forecast

(Note: negative numbers show that affordable estimated number of hours below last year’s level, IM= HLJ=, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia)

One sentence summary: affordable takeover, if reasonably implemented, can effectively address the problem of abandoned power renewable energy development of one of the two big problems. Affordable used determines the number of hours, with yields on financing costs, approved by the Government and many other factors.

Original title: guaranteeing the purchasing utilization hours forecast

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