Solar PV Tracker market in North America 2015 from 135

Polaris solar PV net news: according to IHS, said 135% solar PV market has grown in North America by 2015, 5.5GW.

Solar PV Tracker market in North America 2015 from 135%

2014 market 22%, United States NEXTracker rankings before the Array Technologies, which last year became the leading supplier of photovoltaic Tracker.

Despite Array Technologies (ATI) ranking fell to the second place, the company increased its market share, continue to increase shipments to 2.5 times.

Leading component manufacturers First Solar and SunPower in the top five by 2015, mainly thanks to its utility-scale projects on the ground.

SunPower market share loss was largely attributable to the utilities business, greatly affecting their shipments of single-axis trackers.

Participation in large OCI solar photovoltaic projects to Texas, SunAction Trackers are in 2015, the only top-five leading suppliers of dual-axis tracking. However, in response to the rapid deployment of single axis trackers, the company unveiled its 2015 single-axis trackers.

PV Trackers is expected to intensify competition in the market

Single-axis solar Tracker market in North America 90% of the top five suppliers dominating the market, with many market participants expected, intensifying competition in the industry will be in 2016.

SunLink, and ameChangeSolar, and SolarFlexrack, and Shoals and other vendors or upgrade a single axis tracker introduced last year.

Barati said: “Although the Tracker market has traditionally been dominated by North America United States suppliers led NEXTracker and Array Technologies, European suppliers, including Exosun, Clavijo, Ideematec,Soltec and Optimum Tracker still active continue to expand, adds a lot of price pressure in the market. ”

ITC extension for United States utility-scale development of the supplier provides a clear roadmap

Because the United States exploded in the Tracker market in 2016, and 2017 is expected to make further acquisitions. Leading engineering, procurement and construction companies are committed to more vertical integration and other system and component supplier to this fast-growing market.

United States investment tax credit (ITC) policies extension also contributed to this growth. (/Tina translation)

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