SolarCity solar company will stock the next bankruptcy

Arctic star solar PV network news: last week, SolarCity (NASDAQ SCTY) price in 33 dollars of recently high Shi, Wall Street the big institutions have issued see empty of comments, like Wall Street well-known big short Jim Chanos first a on foreign announced himself has SCTY of Shortsell sold empty of positions, and continues to put the unit, SCTY is hidden big risk, each loaded a equipment not only not earned instead lost, recommends investors don’t care Elon Musk promised, because up to now almost no one realized.

A few days later, Axiom CapitalManagement capital management analyst: Jordan Johnson before SCTY Fortune gives only “SELL” rating, SCTY ratings on the US stock market was in the 12 institutions gave “BUY” buy “rating, 9 institutions the” hold “ratings.

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