Taiwan Yunlin County Government preparations for the electric company goals 5GW

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan Yunlin County total 202MW amount of solar power generation equipment for the whole set up. Plus the vacant land within the County General, the County Government planned led the establishment of electric utility companies, promoting the construction of solar power installed up to a maximum of 5GW.

The liberty times said, Yunlin County Government intends to respond to the new Government’s new energy policy, combining agriculture, fisheries resources, through the creation of electric utility companies with “green energy promotion Office”, to accelerate the development of new energy power generation area. Space available for development includes more than 1100 hectares of Western industrial zone, coastal subsidence, farming very difficult, more than 3,000 hectares of the total area, total amount of device 5GW.

County Building Department, West industrial zone, estimated to build 500~800MW solar power equipment if the Yunlin local daily electricity generation 3.51 hours, will produce 900 million a year. Plus the additional space to complete development, overall kinds of electricity output will be billions of NT dollars. At present, the County Government building industry Bureau handled as quickly as possible the Western industrial zone, de-compilation, and assist the solar manufacturers stationed in the new energy farming area.

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