Virginia solar energy group and GE operate Japan solar farm

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, GE and Virginia solar energy group has already started commercial operation of common Japan 32MW Kumenan, Okayama solar farms in the West.

Kumenan, Okayama Okayama Prefecture Pacific energy company solar power project opened in March this year, the operation and has been generating electricity. The power plant has been with the local utility, China electric appliance limited company to sign power purchase agreement for the next 20 years. Based on Okayama Asahi Electric Corporation will provide continued operation and maintenance services for power plants.

The power plant project was built by Tokyo Japanese EPC company, completed one month in advance. According to the company, according to the mountainous terrain of the project structure and slope are specially designed, helps maximize power output and cost efficiency.

This is currently in Japan one of China’s largest solar farms, could provide enough electricity for 11000.

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and Japan Bank project financing provided 11 billion yen of loans for the project.

GE Energy financial services company Managing Director and head of Asia Pacific said, “we are pleased to see us at Japan investment projects have begun to generate clean electricity for the first time, to help the country meet its renewable energy goals. ”

Pacific energy Kumenan, Okayama representative of the opinion of the directors, “the 32MW project for us, is a great first step. We challenge the design, procurement, construction, project financing, optimization, increasing as the Japan solar energy market feasibility of sustainable sources of energy. ”

Original title: Virginia solar energy group and GE operate Japan solar farm

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