Wrestling energy Trump VS Hillary Who Will Win

Polaris solar PV net news: 2016 United States presidential campaign already heating up phase. Republicans candidates, real estate hengtelangpu and democratic campaign, former President Bill Clinton “good wife” Hillary became a favorite. Two men also coincidentally playing the energy card.

Telangpumin adjusting tie Hillary Clinton

Since 2016 United States presidential election unfolds, Republicans candidates, real estate hengtelangpu and democratic campaign, former President Bill Clinton “good wife” Hillary became a favorite.

Elections seem to be fiercer than expected, Reuters/Ipsos survey published on May 11, the latest polls show that Trump, whose approval rating jumped sharply to 40%, almost tied Hillary’s 41%. A week ago, the poll also shows Clinton support is 48%, Trump, 35%.

Fox News May, according to the survey findings, 45% of respondents supported Trump, 42% want Hillary Clinton to win the general election. In the investigation last month, Hillary Clinton received 48% support, Trump, 41%.

This “battle” was filled with drama, because the protagonists are two “crazy”, a real estate Tycoon with no political experience, is an iron lady who worked as a hostess at the White House, the two men have in common is that negative effects outweigh the positive.

The Wall Street Journal commented, Trang universal suffrage is not public policy, but the; Hillary Clinton selected seems to be public policy, in fact, is her own.

Trump: don’t see clean fossil fuel energy is King

Trump has never looked up with renewable energy, May 13 selected North Dakota Congressman Cramer, climate change skeptics as an energy policy advisor to corroborate this. Kramer not only strongly supported the exploitation of oil and natural gas, also strongly deny climate change, North Dakota where he is actively promoting the shale oil and gas exploration.

Kramer said the Trump team wants Kramer to prepare a “white paper” on the energy policy. Kramer in the “white paper” described in foreign-owned United States energy assets against and criticized the harsh heavy taxation and regulation in the energy field.

In response, Clinton campaign spokesman Jess ˙ Ferguson, Trump selected Cramer’s energy Adviser, proving once again that if he entered the White House, will be a threat to public health.

“Now too far behind green energy, wind farms everywhere around the world, they destroyed coastline. From an economic point of view, this approach is not reasonable, this energy is simply useless. “Trump spoke out against the development of wind power, had also appealed against their Scotland golf courses near the construction of offshore wind power.

He worked in social satire on Obama: “the President using our money to support PV, you see a photovoltaic company went bankrupt. “Implying that solar panel manufacturer Solyndra received $ 535 million in Government loan guarantees and still went bankrupt.

Trump seems to be kind of enthusiasm for coal: “Obama declares war on coal made a lot of Americans lost their jobs, let our enemies rely more and more on energy, business is getting harder. Obama destroyed the coal industry, we have to save it. ”

Trump is the absolute champion of hydraulic fracturing, that fracturing technology will lead the United States energy independent, and deny that climate change is caused by man-made, vowed to overthrow existing decarbonisation of the energy plan.

In addition, Trump made it clear that, if elected to dismiss United States Environmental Protection Agency. “The environmental protection agency this agency is a joke. It is our stumbling blocks to create jobs and achieve economic growth. ”

Hillary Clinton: actively respond to climate change speaks for shale oil and gas

Compared to Donald Trump’s radical, Hillary Clinton made it clear that continuing the Obama administration’s environmental policies. “I will be on the basis of the plan of clean electricity, States, cities and towns as well as non-residents of the city to accelerate clean energy use, energy efficiency, green transportation. ”

In her view, the next 10 years, action against Paris climate agreement is very important, because if not vigorously promoting the development of clean energy and reduce carbon pollution in the process of economic growth, will not be able to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Clinton also put forward their own environmental programmes, such as the oil giant (especially Exxon) investigations, and in-depth studies of climate change, promised a substantial increase in solar energy in the United States than in the energy structure.

However, Clinton’s attitude towards hydraulic fracturing technology coincides with Trump, this is also the most controversial places also add pipeline KeystoneXL ambiguous attitude to the United States. It is reported that the Clinton team received funding support from the energy giant, support the use of hydraulic fracturing method of oil and gas, to market the technology to the world.

Hillary Clinton believes that shale gas could reshape the global energy landscape, in the transition to a cleaner greener economic model of transition, natural gas will play a huge role.

United States energy limited, oil price impact

Johnson, President of the Eurasia Group said the United States presidential election is a major event affecting the energy industry. Republican and democratic candidates have strong differences on climate and energy policy, which will affect the United States various areas of energy.

He believes that if the Democrats in the White House, will likely see Obama’s climate policies, which will have positive effects on renewable energy, natural gas is also to some extent, the coal industry will be dealt a further blow, also bear certain risks of the oil transport industry. But if Trump as President, Republicans may try to undo some of the decisions Obama, seeking to expand the impact of fossil fuels on the economy.

In the United States think tank strategic and International Research Centre organized a seminar on April 26, some experts pointed out that, although the election will give United States some impact on future renewable energy policy, but the impact will not be too great.

United States Environmental Protection Association to the climate and energy project leader Marty brounstein said, current United States is one of the more controversial energy policy clean electricity plan the final programme published in August 2015. Supreme Court reversed in part or in full of the clean electricity plan is possible, but very unlikely. Next President wanted to abolish the plan will not be easy, and will encounter many restrictions.

Center for strategic and international studies, said Ladislao, head energy and national security program, United States also signed the Paris agreements for the next Government to change the current renewable energy policy more difficult.

Platts senior oil energy information edit BrianScheid predicted that if Republicans won the election, United States oil production could increase by as much as 500,000 barrels if Democrats win, or will fall by 500,000 barrels a day. United States oil production, the election results seemed to inevitably affect the oil market.

Clinton has vowed to United States oil consumption reduction 1/3, Trump is considering banning the import of oil from Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies. Widely believed, the continuation of democratic policies more conducive to low oil prices, if Hillary wins, is also likely to introduce more foreign and domestic policy in favour of low oil prices.

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