2020 global PV inverter market value of more than 7 1 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the latest report shows that from now to 2020, PV inverters and module-level power electronics will grow at a annual rate of 11%, Central inverters can be withdrawn from the market dominant position.

According to GTMResearch published today the 2016 PV inverters and MLPE prospects report is expected from now to 2020, and module-level standard inverter power electronics (MLPE) technology will appear in a period of strong growth.

The report displays, inverters and MLPE shipments reached 59.7GW last year, which 66% the Asia-Pacific market. In 2015, China’s Huawei inverter shipments accounted for the top spot. China Sun power, Germany SMA, Switzerland ABB and Japan TMEIC supplier respectively in the top five.

After two years of steady growth, the Outlook is excellent. GTM Research Analyst Scott Moskowitz said, because the United States utility solar investment tax credit (ITC) policies extension, strong growth in demand in China in 2015, shipments will increase to meet the 2016 project needs. By 2017, the total installed capacity will be slow and shipments relatively flat.

Tangible technology transfer

GTM also pointed out that the tangible and fundamental shift in market preferences, the Central inverter seems to be losing market share. 2015 Central inverter for 57% of the total shipments, but with three-phase string inverters of trend growth–particularly in utility-scale–GTM is expected that by 2020, Central inverters in share of global shipments will fall to 43%.

Instead of string inverters, as technology technology will gradually be ground-mounted solar farms favor. Roof projects, MLPE technologies–such as power optimizer and micro-inverter will continue to prove their worth. By 2020, could account for 10% of inverter shipments.

GTM is expected, entire inverter industry price will drop in the future ($literal% a year), 1500 Volt inverter technology to adopt more and more, will use the series inverter with high power density.

By 2020, the global PV inverter market would be worth more than $ 7.1 billion. (/Tina translation)

Original title: 2020 global PV inverter shipments will reach 90GW

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