22 6 ZSW refresh CIGS thin film solar cell efficiency record

Polaris solar Reuters: Germany Baden-Württemberg Centre for solar energy and hydrogen research (ZSW) that was developed for 22.6% efficiency CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium) thin-film solar cells. Conversion efficiency exceeds Japan-made battery 0.3%, ZSW fifth to hold back the world record.

Copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS) thin-film solar cell efficiencies over the last three years than in the previous 15 years or more. Because of the improved efficiency, solar power cost reduction.

Germany Southwest researchers continue to refresh the results, only three months ago, the 22% efficiency of the European team on record.

Batteries beyond this record 0.6% points using total evaporation, made State of the art laboratory coating plant. This result have been Vladimir Braun Hough Certification Institute for solar energy systems.

This new battery covers an area of 0.5 sq, belong to the standard test battery size. Institute researchers to raise a few points in the production process of improving cell efficiency. One is the CIGS surface after deposition, mixed into the layer of metal compounds.

Higher efficiency

Thin film solar efficiency record of rapid growth in recent years, the first three years, every six months or so, the world record will be refreshed, an annual average of 0.7%. Thin-film batteries may soon become the PV market has years of silicon solutions for contenders.

ZSW researchers also see CIGS solar cells there is a lot of untapped potential behind technology. Refer to the entire module efficiency, CIGS PV technology is chasing technology.

CIGS module production cost is low and silicon technology. Scientists believe that components can reach the rated efficiency of 18% or higher, the production cost will drop to about 25 cents per watt.

PV Silicon prices depends in large part on economies of scale, CIGS modules even relatively small-scale production, production costs can be very low.

Over the next few months, ZSW Manz cooperation with industry partners, to output the this latest technology from the laboratory into factories. Manz is headquartered in Germany Reutlingen offers CIGS thin film solar cell turn-key production line. (/Tina translation)

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ZSW refresh thin film CIGS solar cell efficiency record

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