50MW Lin Guang complementary projects in panzhihua in Sichuan province were

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the website received the name of supervising law enforcement Corps reported in Sichuan province, “Western bamboo panzhihua electric photovoltaic power plant in panzhihua (barley) 50MW Lin Guang complementary PV project” there are designed in accordance with safety facilities of construction projects; does not have “safety and” facility design cases of illegal construction, seriously affecting the adjacent three mining production. This report, law enforcement Corps g organization unit field verification to panzhihua, after investigation, report reflects is basically true.

On May 15, the law enforcement contingent in the panzhihua electric photovoltaic power plant of panzhihua Western bamboo (barley) 50MW Lin Guang complementary offences PV project for investigation. Corps strictly according to subject legal, and program legal, and facts clear of requirements, on site for field verification, and adjustable take construction project “three while” related information and the asked related personnel, by survey, identified the company exists not on construction project security facilities for design of violations, according to construction project security facilities “three while” supervision management provisional approach (General 36th,) of provides, on panzhihua in the electric PV power limited at Yuan fine II million yuan of administrative punishment, now has implementation in place ; Security enough, three mines pose a significant security risk, panzhihua city, provincial law enforcement Corps proposals issued by the work safety Committee Office of the work safety supervision and law enforcement in the people’s Government, and put forward concrete proposals and the car.

Report to the provincial safety supervision law enforcement general team attaches great importance to production safety investigation, adhere to the “report will check, and lawbreakers must be dealt with” principle. Through strict checking and crack down on safety violations, encourages active public concern over safety and reporting safety violations.

Original title: provincial safety supervision law enforcement Corps with fast find fast online reporting illegal production cases

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