91 removed the evolution of late Magic Trackpad 2 disassemble

Macbook product line updates the Force earlier this year Touch, trackpad with two-stage pressure-sensing action experience has been greatly promoted, then released the iPhone 6s/6s Plus is equipped with a 3D Touch. We hope the stars hope Moon, last round until the Force the Magic Trackpad 2 Touch functionality, in addition to Force outside Touch, the new Trackpad still uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery design, Lightning charging interface, eliminating the need for battery replacement. Follow us now see what Magic Trackpad 2 compared to previous-generation difference. Givenchy iPhone 6 plus cover

The new Magic Trackpad has more than the previous generation 2 size 6.3 4.52 0.43 inches (160.0 114.8 10.9) measurements, width and the width of the Magic KeyBoard than with the new height, the two can be used very harmonious.

Magic Trackpad 2 has a power switch at the back, Lightning and a plastic of unknown function. Lightning interface in addition to charging function, also play a role in paired with a Mac.

Magic Trackpad 2 and the new Magic Keyboard can be used perfectly.

And compared to older model. Area than many older increases, the surface color lighter.

Because of a new lithium-ion battery, no reservation required AA battery compartment, thickness is reduced a lot.


Magic Trackpad 2 uses a glue design, we heated it softens the glue around the base plate of the Trackpad makes it easy to disassemble.

Slowly along the slot in the side of the blade to pry out of the slot.

Then pry around the Panel along the bottom. We can see there is a lot of glue.


After removing the backplane, you can see the internal structure. Other than glue, still a few magnets within the fixed bottom plate.


Trackpad’s battery at first glance, much like the iPhone’s battery, this is a piece of 3.78V 7.65Whr, which is 2024mAh of lithium-ion polymer battery.


We start dismantling other parts. T3 screws unscrew Lightning interface. Givenchy iPhone 6 plus cover

Unplug the Lightning interface Lihgtning interface cable can be taken out.

Lightning interface module.

Circuit board by T3 screws, unscrew the screw and push a few lines, you can remove the Board.


We take a look at the chips on the motherboard:

Red: Broadcom BCM20733 single chip Bluetooth 3.0 solution

Orange: STMicroelectronics STM32F103VB 72 MHz 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller

Yellow: NXP 1608A1 charging IC

Green: Texas Instruments BQ24250C single-input I2C/Satandalone Switch-Mode lithium-ion battery charger

Light blue: Intersil ISL656A two-phase power controller

Dark blue: International Rectifier IRFH3702 N-channel HEXFET Power MOSFET


Use pry bar to slowly pry the Taptic Engine module. Force aboard similar to the Macbook Touch functions, Magic Trackpad 2 Panel can’t press, click touch from Taptic of Engine vibrations, rather than traditional contact switch.


The Taptic shape of the Engine very similar to Retina on a Macbook Pro.


Touch panel is glued in the four metal boxes on the spring plate. We use the blades separate the glue.

Remove the touch panel.

Givenchy iPhone 6 plus cover



Only one chip on the back of the touch panel, model for the Broadcom BCM5976 touch control chip.


Four metal boxes in aluminum alloy spring is provided with a pressure sensor (Stain gauge), connected by a cable from the motherboard.


When you press the trackpad when spring sheet metal deformation tensile pressure sensor Board to work with Taptic Engine, Force Touch function is achieved.


Well, today our dismantling of the Magic Trackpad 2 to this end, and finally a photo. IFixit score 3 minutes to Magic Trackpad 2 generation (10 is most easily repaired). Like other Apple products, Magic Trackpad 2 service difficulty also is high, there is a lot of glue to make it very difficult to removed for servicing.

(Source: iFixit, translation: 91 removed)

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