Anhui public second batch of first building distributed solar projects list

Polaris solar PV net news: on May 23, the Anhui provincial energy Board public notice for inclusion in 2016, the second batch build-first variant lists of distributed PV power station, involving a total of 17 projects, total installed capacity of 319,600 kilowatts.

Introduced in late February, Anhui Province on improving the first construction management of distributed PV power station, according to the first-built ground, distributed PV power station in Anhui Province, in principle, to 35,000 volts and the voltage connected to the grid below, and has a capacity of not more than a single project 20,000-kilowatt. After the project is completed, in accordance with the order of incorporation, rolling into national arrangements of Anhui’s annual photovoltaic power plant construction.

According to the reporter, into Anhui Province energy in 2016, the first first first variant lists of distributed PV power station project amounts to 13, total installed capacity of 259,600 kilowatts. Two projects added up to over 30, total installed capacity of 579,200 kilowatts.

Anhui Province, according to energy Department statistics released on April 28, in January-March this year, the province’s total of 37 first built the first distributed grid-connected photovoltaic project, 7 tender grid-connected photovoltaic project, 3 surface centralized grid-connected photovoltaic project, one experiment demonstration grid-connected PV projects.

Reporting into Anhui Province 2016 second-first variant lists of distributed PV power station (public release)

Original title: Bureau of Anhui Province energy about declarations included in the 2016 second-first variant lists of distributed PV power station announcement

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