Apples are sold into green energy is just so simple

Polaris solar PV net news: these days, Apple (Apple) to enter in the field of energy technology and energy spread, the exact message is: in June, Apple has quietly set up a Apple energy company, the world’s biggest tech giants to sell electricity.

However, only sell so simple? Apple energy may have larger ambitions–with Apple to develop electric vehicles, smart home development, Apple’s energy into the charging network or intelligent home energy management, is not impossible.

As the world’s most valuable technology company ($ 541.3 billion of the market value on the day), world-renowned Apple’s hardware and software products. But Apple is increasingly investing in solar energy infrastructure projects. Apple announced this renewable energy project aims to power their factory, including its under construction, located in Cupertino, California, large, 2nd District, as well as large data centers.

Apples are sold into green energy is just so simple?

But in many cases, these devices power than required. According to documents submitted by Apple on June 6 to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, installed solar power system at its new Headquarters issued 18 million watts of electricity every day; in addition, the company is located in the Flats in Central solar project in California output of 13 million Watts; two of Nevada’s project output of 7 million watts. Flats project is run by FristSolar, a solar energy company, but Apple and the company signed a long-term cooperation agreement, will buy its power (apples to allocate US $ 848 million).

In fact, Apple issued excess power to the grid during the day, night-time power to take power again, on the way back in power with each other’s books reached offset “clean green” that can sell electricity demand, Apple quietly registered fully owned subsidiaries in Delaware-of-apples energy company (AppleEnergyLLC).

However, Apple is not just for the convenience of electricity sold, in order to achieve clean green energy targets, set up an energy company also intends to enter the energy market is possible, at the very least can increase revenue from electricity sales. United States businesses to sell back electricity to the power company, sold for wholesale electricity prices, but if Apple to Apple energy companies selling directly to end users, selling for retail electricity prices in the middle of the post profitable.

Apple on June 6, 2016 to the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for Apple’s energy can be sold directly to end users, because the energy is very small, in electricity markets is not affecting the market’s major rival, no monopoly worries, so I hope that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will be able to apply within 60 days of approval.

Establishment of Apple’s energy market also attracted many reverie, since Apple is developing electric cars, corresponding to the possible future electric vehicle charging station, charging station network combined with the power companies full of imagination, of Apple’s energy was established, has the potential to be an important strategy for Apple in terms of energy fortress is not only the electric Windows.

Apple into the energy industry, changes in the global energy picture what would happen, everything is uncertain, but can be sure of is that this is only a start–a growing number of technology companies, Internet companies, will move into the area of energy, which is bound to cause vibrations in the energy sector.

Original title: Apple’s foray into green energy, not only selling as simple

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