Australia PV projects do achieve 80

Polaris solar PV net news: May 25, 2016, Bloomberg new energy finance for Australia power retailer Origin Energy and Fotowatio Rnewable Venture signed a 13-year power purchase agreement to make rapid response report. The following is a summary of the report.

Australia power retailer Origin Energy announced earlier this month, the company has with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Clare photovoltaic power plants signed a 13-year power purchase agreement (PPA). Media reported that the power purchase agreement has a capacity of 100MW, priced between AUD80-90/MWh, and this breakthrough low price will cause the price of PV and wind line. In this report, we will analyze the Australia PV power generation projects can be realized the price of.

For large photovoltaic power plant, AUD80-90/MWh (USD58-66/MWh) price set Australia a record low, especially considering the PV industry is still in its infancy, and higher labor costs.

If you are able to control capital expenditure, operating costs and the cost of debt, we think the price is achievable. However, taking into account the relatively short duration of 13 power-purchase agreements, achieving this cost needs to make greater efforts in respect of financing.

Price problems aside, Claire plant was the first in Australia access to financing without large PV projects receiving government subsidies (by the large-scale renewable energy target (LRET) to provide support in the form of the certificate). Therefore, this marks an intersection: today, as a low-cost, large-scale photovoltaic power generation technology, really started to compete with wind power projects, achieving LRET goals.

Here are several sets of data to our statistics to:

In a recent cost analysis, our level of medium cost Australia price for large PV projects set for USD86/MWh, but if you can significantly cut costs, believes Australia’s photovoltaic project has the ability to reduce the price to USD63/MWh.

In order to achieve the above selling price, Australia PV projects must be capital expenditures and operating expenditures cost control at the level of USD1.25/W and USD17,155/MW/year, respectively. Australia is famous for its high-cost countries, it would also hit a record low.

In addition, photovoltaic power plant must also reduce the debt ratio to increase to 80%, return on equity decreased to 10%. It belongs to a high risk of possible structures in the local market, but not in other places around the world.

Australia PV projects do achieve $ 80?

Original title: Australia PV projects do achieve $ 80?

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