Building integrated photovoltaics BIPV major installations

Polaris solar PV net news: building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) main installations include the following:

1. to meet the requirements of architectural aesthetics

BIPV building is first and foremost a building, it is the architect’s work of art, its key to success is the appearance of the building. BIPV buildings, we can design the terminal box, the bypass diodes, cables and other hidden curtain wall structure. This is to prevent direct sunlight or rain, and will not affect the appearance of the building, with the perfect combination of buildings, implementing the concept architects.

2. to meet the lighting requirements

For building light is the soul, its lighting requirements very high. BIPV building is made of glossy ultra clear tempered glass double glass units, by adjusting the cell arrangement or a perforated silicon solar cell to achieve particular transparency, even in the tourist office building can meet the requirements of light permeability. Of course, PV module transmittance greater cell arrangement is more sparse, its power will be less.

3. to meet construction safety performance requirements

BIPV modules are not only required to meet the performance requirements for PV modules, and to meet the three experimental requirements of curtain walls and building safety requirements, and therefore needs to be higher than ordinary component properties and with different structures. In different locations, different floor heights, different installation methods, on the mechanical properties of glass may be completely different.

BIPV-glass PV modules used in the building is composed of two pieces of tempered glass, separated by the PVB film to compound solar cells make up the composite layer cell by a wire between series and parallel collection lead end of integral components. Tempered glass curtain wall thickness is in accordance with the national building code and specifications, through rigorous mechanical calculation of the results. Components of PVB film good adhesion, toughness and elasticity, absorbs shock, prevents shock through broken glass, debris will firmly adhere to the PVB film, does not scatter off hurts, so that the injury may be reduced to a minimum, improve the safety performance of buildings.

4. to meet the requirements for easy installation

BIPV building is a combination of PV modules and glass curtain wall. Curtain wall in China for 30 years, forms are the mature variety of curtain wall design and installation techniques. Member-supporting glass curtain wall construction is flexible, the main structure of adaptable, sophisticated technology, and is currently up to type. Unitized curtain wall manufacture in the factory, easy to realize industrial production, reducing labour costs, quality control unit, so as to shorten the construction period, bring large economic benefits to building owners. Double curtain wall system with ventilation, heat insulation sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection advantages and improves the heat of BIPV modules, reducing the cell temperature, reduces the efficiency of the component losses, reducing the transfer of heat to the indoor. BIPV building in simple terms, is to use BIPV modules replace the ordinary glass, its structure is basically the same traditional glass curtain walls can be connected. Which make BIPV modules installed with a strong technical foundation and advantages, fully able to meet the requirements of easy installation.

5. advantages of long life

Average PV module packaging adhesive for EVA. Due to EVA’s anti-aging properties do not have a strong, service life up to 50, cannot be constructed with life and EVA Brown will affect the appearance and capacity of the system. PVB film is transparent, heat, cold, humidity resistance, high mechanical strength, and has matured to production of laminated glass for building purposes. Domestic glass curtain wall is clear “PVB” requirement. BIPV modules replace the EVA made with PVB can achieve longer service life. At present, the Schott and Schuco company, Guangdong Golden glass technologies limited at home already had mature PVB encapsulation technology of PV modules.

In addition, the BIPV system, selection of special wires for photovoltaic (double cross-linked PE immersion Tin, copper wire), choose the larger wire diameter, and high performance connectors, such as equipment, can extend the life of BIPV photovoltaic system.

6. has the Green effect

BIPV buildings can provide enough area for PV systems, do not need to occupy the land, eliminating support structure for photovoltaic systems; silicon solar cells are solid state semiconductor devices, power generation without moving parts, noise-free and will not cause pollution to the environment; BIPV building spontaneously occupied, reduce electricity costs and energy consumption, reducing transmission and distribution investment and maintenance costs. And happens to be strong sunshine peak, BIPV system ensures that electricity consumption within its own building, but may also under certain conditions to the power supply, alleviate peak electricity demand, has great social benefits can also put an end to the serious air pollution from fossil fuel power generation, which is critical for higher environmental requirements today and in the future.

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