Chang Yang technology WESE eco system for PV power plant operation and maintenance

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) along with the approaching parity length, photovoltaic industry, “weaning” is imperative. Subsidy cut will no doubt intensify competition in the market, in an increasingly fierce market competition, the PV companies to “reducing cost and increasing efficiency” efforts, and in recent years, photovoltaic power plant exposes quality problems, so that more and more power plant investors realize that, if PV power stations cannot be stable and healthy operation, called “reducing cost and increasing efficiency” castles in the air.

PV power station running smoothly without photovoltaic operation and maintenance. Huge operational demand, led to the development of photovoltaic operation and maintenance industries. According to industry estimates, in accordance with maintenance costs typically account for 8% to calculate the PV, PV power plant operation and maintenance every year market will reach 3.4 billion yuan. By 2020, the PV installed capacity reached 100GW, operation market qianyiji the market of the future, multi-billion dollar market cake under the attraction and a lot of business on homeopathy.

Look at photovoltaic operation and maintenance market, despite the current photovoltaic operation and maintenance interventions and have different ideas, operational tools, operations have different, have in common is one of the operations the value of enterprise data. While the utility information data collection, has become the key element in solar operation and maintenance.

Cloud, tube, end combining–to build smart energy systems

2003 Chang ocean technology into embedded industrial computer and the power Automation control system design field, its embedded computer from hardware Shang extended has industrial equipment of external intelligent interface characteristics, Ncomm communications management platform from software Shang extended has industrial equipment of intelligent control function, this, and PV industry system collection technology coincides, based on this, Chang ocean technology combined data acquisition equipment, and monitoring software and the cloud platform service, formed WESE wisdom energy ecological system.

Chang Yang technology: WESE eco-system for PV power plant operation and maintenance

Chang Yang technology: WESE eco-system for PV power plant operation and maintenance

  Chang Yang Yang Yong, sales manager of science and technology (left), Chang Yang Ji Lei, General Manager of science and technology (right)

PV maintenance industry that needs addressing is how to collect valid data for scientific operations. According to Chang ocean technology General Manager Ji Lei introduced, WESE wisdom energy ecological system is set cloud data rendering and analysis-local data monitoring-site data acquisition transmission for one of closed ring ecological system: in medium power station in the, installation NISE-6000 new energy box variable control one machine collection information, small distributed PV power station is through communications management machine collection information, combined Ncomm of intelligent control function, achieved has equipment and equipment of dialogue. In addition, combined with NICS9000 software, addressing the needs of the local monitoring, while the 91GreenPower cloud platform lets people anytime, anywhere via their mobile phones, Pad, Terminal control of PV power plant’s production run.

“By analyzing the data, station owners to see how brand components Attenuation, where electricity is not normal, power generation efficiency among different regions, different PV array in the same area of power generation efficiency, economic efficiency continues to mark, the PV plant operation going on in the chest. ”

PV power station with distributed PV two categories into the ground, PV on the operation, two plant types are also different. “Large ground power station due to scale huge, General through local monitoring shipped dimension platform to achieved on power station of shipped dimension, relatively, distributed PV, and households with type PV power station due to body volume small, distributed PV project of communications more stressed group network way of flexible” Chang Ocean Technology Sales Department Manager Yang Yong introduced, “Chang ocean technology for distributed PV of features in communications way Shang is divided into wired and wireless of solution programme, wired that through Ethernet or fiber way, Wireless is through GPRS or 3G even for distributed PV features a 433MHz radio communications, meet owners and operations pursuing the lowest cost best power plant demand. ”

Multiple protection guarantees power station information

Photovoltaic power plant owners there is a exclusive selection operation and maintenance services company, one of the reasons owners for operation and maintenance companies can guarantee power plant information security concerns. Indeed, with the increasing mass of the PV power plant construction and operation capacity, big data analytics platform based on photovoltaic power plant emerge, “that pays top academics” also makes power plant owners in the choice easy “pick”.

For power station information security of guarantee, Chang Ocean section in data access, and transmission Shang do has multiple protection, Yang Yong said, “in data access of security Shang, as channel transmission layer used has SSL of security agreement; data itself in transmission of process in the used DES of encryption mode; channel used sent cache technology, prevent due to channel of interrupted and caused data of lost; channel used full data check mechanism, guarantee by transmission data of quality. Data Center uses a distributed database, clustering and virtualization technologies to ensure the security of the data itself. ”

Ji Lei believes that in addition to operational specification for enterprise development, lack of standards is one reason lead PV maintenance industry confusion, select Enterprise, you want to allow users to rest assured products, you also need the industry norm, Chang Yang also called on PV operation and maintenance standards as soon as possible.

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