Euro 2016 new energy vision

Polaris solar PV net news: the capacity of the electricity market and investment: in the next 25 years, the European power system just continues to shift to wind power and solar power. New power generation capacity in Europe with a total investment of us $ 1.27 trillion, including wind power and solar financing accounted for more than 86%. These techniques proportion of generation capacity will be increased from 2015 to 2040 60% 24%, in 959GW of new capacity, solar energy will occupy half the share, and wind turbine financing will make up half of the total investment.

Euro 2016 new energy vision

Economic cost: at present in the European market, onshore wind power and optimal costs of large-scale solar power cost with new thermal power projects, and coal and natural gas prices will not change this Outlook. Best solar by 2025 of the European project cost is expected to be lower than the optimal cost of onshore wind projects, carbon emission price will start rising by around 2025, so create a wind power plant will be lower than the cost of operation of an existing gas-fired power plants.

Power generation accounts for emissions: by 2025 the nuclear power plant decommissioning will slow the decline in coal and gas-fired power plant will be a temporary development. But coal-fired power plants would face more stringent emissions requirements, cheaper renewable energy impacts, and carbon emissions continued to rise. Therefore, European power generation emissions in 2015 will be reduced on the basis of 74%, by the year 2040 275 metric tons of CO2. Until around 2040, onshore wind power and solar power will be the largest power generation sector, Europe’s electricity 42%.

Demand for electricity and electric vehicles: energy efficiency improvement, as well as service-oriented European population decline faster than GDP growth, with GDP growth-oriented demand fundamentals to fall 12%. But because of the European electric vehicles will achieve development, so that by 2040 the decline in demand from electric cars to make up for the 12% share, and total electricity demand in Europe 4%.

Small photovoltaic and storage facilities: by 2040, nearly half of the European solar power installed capacity is expected to come from housing and top floor of the Office building of small-scale systems. Because lithium-ion batteries for energy storage is getting cheaper, we expect the installation of small storage facilities will continue to rise. In addition, we also expect small-scale PV by 2040, 282GW systems and 121GWh for small scale energy storage system installation.

Penetration of wind power and solar power and flexible production capacity: approximately from 2025 onwards, sharp increase in wind power and solar power capacity to be achieved, while leaving the existing power plant capacity data project operating time will be reduced. The decommissioning of the power plant at the same time, scale battery storage system will also be used in power plants, designed to balance the increasing diversity of supply and demand, seasonal flexibility of this technology, which is to a large extent limited the development of a renewable energy generation project.

Euro 2016 new energy vision

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