First half of the new PV installed capacity or 13 million kilowatt

Polaris solar PV net news: a delay of 3 months for 2016 than in previous years of PV power station construction index is finally determined. According to the recently issued by the National Energy Board issued the notice on the 2016 PV implementation programmes (hereinafter referred to as the notice), this year 18.1 million-kilowatt new photovoltaic power plant construction, including common PV 12.6 million-kilowatt, PV leads the technology base scale 5.5 million-kilowatt.

“My attitude towards this target size to keep neutral, from the building of the first half of this year to see complete probability is large. It is worth noting that is, the index does not include photovoltaic projects such as poverty alleviation and distributed, so the PV released this year target will be 20 million-kilowatt. “The Vice President of the China renewable energy society Meng Xiangan said in an interview, with PV more detailed policies and improved implementation of the domestic photovoltaic industry this year will be to maintain a stable and orderly market growth.

Stability: the scale is expected to released in the first half of 13 million-kilowatt

The notice points out that 2016 issued a nationwide distribution of total construction scale PV power station 18.1 million-kilowatt, a “common PV power plant new construction scale and scale PV leads the technology base” in two parts, released last year by the 17.8 million-kilowatt construction index is referred to as “centralized and distributed projects.”

“At the time of this policy as of the PV Declaration for poverty alleviation work has not been completed, so the total is not the whole year target of 18.1 million-kilowatt. “Meng Xiangan said.

Reference “Thirteen-Five” planning consultation as well as of the views on the implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction, annual new photovoltaic project scale of around 3 million-kilowatt, in the absence of additional cases, 2016 total installed PV system annual index of more than 20 million-kilowatt.

Worth pointed out that of is, 2015 of PV installed actual index and more than last year early released of 17.8 million-kilowatt, late and added has PV power station construction scale 5.3 million-kilowatt, main for support PV power station construction conditions superior, and has issued construction plans completed situation good and active innovation development way of new energy model city, and green energy model County, area construction PV power station, again plus Datong PV lead who plans of 1 million-kilowatt, So that the actual 2015 solar indices total reached 24.1 million-kilowatt.

According to the data issued by the National Energy Board, in January-March this year, national new photovoltaic power installed capacity of 7.14 million-kilowatt, where the PV power station 6.17 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 970,000-kilowatt. This means that a quarter of this year the new increase, reach 2014 all new (10.6 million-kilowatt) near 70%, new in 2015 (15.13 million-kilowatt) by nearly half.

“Due to the photovoltaic generation benchmark low prices because, as the emergent behavior of the market ‘ installing boomers ‘ in the first half of the year once more. Furthermore, the stock items that are not grid-connected operation is fully released in the first quarter, making only a quarter completed nearly half of the annual target. “Meng Xiangan said the new modified full guarantee policy, renewable power generation and other positive factors, driven by complete 7.14 million-kilowatt of installed capacity by the first quarter, added size in the first half is expected to be more than 13 million-kilowatt, to achieve the annual goal optimistic.

From SOLARZOOM new energy think-tank of analysis is think, Hebei, and Shanxi, and Liaoning, and Jilin, and Heilongjiang, and Anhui, and Fujian, 14 a provinces of index issued volume accounted for this year a quarter PV project keep volume proportion over 50% above, and above area exists with returns rate low, and local government support efforts is unlikely to, problem, index sent to these area is has may led to its completed of probability will more limited.

Industry experts say that, given the second half of “installing the tide” is not obvious, and issued quotas later this year, expects some construction projects put into operation will be delayed until next year.

Amidst nature: some Western provinces due to power rationing issue rated indicators

Because of abandoned light problem parts in building access at a disadvantage this year. The notice clearly, without the new PV market conditions in Gansu and Xinjiang, Yunnan delay or release 2016 new PV capacity (PV poverty).

In fact, as early as two years ago, issued by the National Energy Board for the further strengthening of PV power station construction and operation management of the notice was clear, to abandon power more serious areas of light suspended scale indicators release next year for new construction in the area. And the first use of the notification that a “ban on construction”.

Journalists from all over the area found in the list of new construction projects, Inner Mongolia, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other provinces of PV plants decreases. The reason given by experts is: first, the 2015 targets is insufficient, b is the exponential growth of grid-connected power to dissolve and give too much pressure, not a lot of horse.

The notice also explicitly encouraged provincial (district, municipal) development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) building tenders, selection and other competitive configuration mechanism for PV power plant project, photovoltaic power generation technology and price drop. Configured to take competition project areas and promoted price significantly decreased, its construction scale of the year directly by the province (district, municipal) electricity price average (scale) twice times to increase, competition increases the size of the allocation to specific projects. Establishes, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing, Tibet construction scale of ceiling and Hainan and other 6 provinces.

In this regard, Meng Xiangan said solving PV power station abandoned the light power, optimizing power plant quality, is the “Thirteen-Five” period of China PV industry development priorities. “We now have a base and capacity, necessary to ensure the implementation of related policies, especially smooth incorporation, full takeover and subsidy full release the 3 steps in a timely manner. “Meng Xiangan stressed.

In fact, abandon light power subsidy issue and other problems have long been a national energy authorities attention. The notification prior to the introduction of a two-week intensive released two files, one is full of affordable acquisition policy, power, the other is project competitive allocation policies, broaden the financing method, pressure relief subsidies.

In terms of optimizing power plant quality, account of the notification. This year the target of 18.1 million-kilowatt, requires efficient leader in component technology base of 5.5 million-kilowatt, close to the 30% of the General objectives. The notification provisions of the leader plan monomer plant size in 100,000-kilowatt, projects PV PV PV products are required, such as “leader” advanced technical product specification, and you must configure such as tendering and selection, price as a key competitive conditions.

Original title: six provinces including Beijing new PV this year no limit

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