Global renewable energy development present situation analysis

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, a review of the 2016 global renewable energy development report released. The year 2015 is a global renewable energy development, capacity growth in the electricity sector, power generation and fuel the investment of a thorough analysis and display.

In 2015, the record year for renewable energy development in the world. This year, renewable energy capacity to a record global sharp decline in the prices of fossil fuels, renewable contract hit a record low for a long time, storage can be hot, as well as historic, global solidarity as a community climate agreement reached in Paris.

China: investment, utilization, electricity ranked first in the world

In 2015, China’s investments in non-renewable water and fuel ranked first in the world. Solar PV installed capacity, installed capacity of wind energy and solar thermal utilization in several, China ranked first in the world. The end of 2015, China’s total renewable energy generation capacity (including hydropower generating capacity in water and does not include both in the same rank), solar photovoltaic and wind power installed capacity ranks first in the world.

Global renewable energy development present situation analysis

Distributed PV installed capacity of the top ten countries in the world

A global overview

Renewable energy growth reached an all-time high

Renewable energy installed capacity in 2015, set a new record. New renewable energy generating capacity of about 147GW, as the highest. Meanwhile, renewable heat capacity growth, application of renewable energy in transport is also expanding. Rapid progress of distributed renewable energy is shorten the energy-rich and energy shortage gap between groups.

Global renewable energy development present situation analysis

The end of 2015, global renewable power generation, wind power generation share

Photovoltaic and wind energy: energy in transition to accelerate

Compared with fossil fuels, renewable sources of energy in many countries already have cost competitiveness. Stimulating renewable energy, especially the growth of wind power and solar power, the Government still continues to play a key leadership role. By early 2016, 173 countries worldwide already established renewable energy development goals, 146 countries support policies soon. Multiple cities, communities and enterprises took the lead in the fast-growing “100% of renewable energy”, which played a crucial role in the global energy transition.

Global renewable energy development present situation analysis

2015 total installed capacity/power generation by the end of the top five countries in the world

Other growth factors include: financing gets easier, on the issue of energy security, environmental concerns, as well as the developing and emerging countries on the growing demand for modern energy services.

Renewable energy: great potential for investment, employment

More than new installed capacity, investment in 2015, also hit a new record. Global renewable energy for electricity and fuel, a total investment of us $ 286 billion. If the large hydroelectric project (> 50,000-kilowatt) and heating and cooling sectors into account, this figure will increase significantly. China in the global renewable energy accounted for more than one-third of the share in the total investment, total investment for renewable energy in developing countries than developed countries for the first time.

Global renewable energy development present situation analysis

2015 distributed renewable energy company total assets

And follow technical progress in investment growth, reduced costs, and more jobs. At present, a total of 8.1 million people working in the field of renewable energy – renewable energy industry a steady growth in employment and the labour market in the energy sector as a whole in stark contrast to the depression.

Global renewable energy development present situation analysis

Distribution of renewable energy jobs

Renewable energy development: opportunities and challenges for the future

Greenpeace International energy strategy expert EmilyRochon said, even though fossil fuel subsidies, fossil fuel prices fall, grid problems, local vested interests, and some lazy governance has been hindering renewable energy development, renewable energy to break through all obstacles, achieved record growth. If by 2015 renewable energy installed capacity in the economy can still grow 147GW, in the case of improving economic development, renewable energy development potential is immeasurable.

Price of fossil energy, renewable energy cost-competitive is still the energy transition of power. In order to accelerate the energy transition, Governments should stop investing in fossil energy, and more of our money into renewable energy, which is also in the Paris agreements unique opportunities for growth at 1.5 degrees Celsius in global temperatures.

EmilyRochon said that in addition to end subsidies for fossil energy, but including all G7 countries in 2050 should stop using fossil fuels. The best way to achieve this goal is to accelerate the use of renewable energy.

Greenpeace says Yuan ying, head of renewable energy projects: in 2016, is continued more profound transformation of energy in the world. China’s “Thirteen-Five” is about to set sail, as a transformation of the energy of the first “Thirteen-Five” project, the development of renewable energy in China will cause greater potential, continues to lead the pace and global energy transition in China, we’ll see.

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