Implementation of PV to poverty alleviation in rural areas need to see this

Polaris solar PV net news: from ancient times to the present, dynasties have initiatives related to poverty alleviation, models rich and diverse, and have only one purpose to help the poor out of poverty. As early as in the pre-Qin Zhou recorded “famine 12 CE” book of the famine relief in Southern Song dynasty, to the Qing dynasty’s famine summary and so on, seemingly ancient a pro-poor approach, from a long time ago now, but if you look at a lot of experience now continues, continuous innovation and evolution.

Today we to said of is a new poverty approach-PV poverty, for PV poverty, we zhiqian wrote had several related of articles, for PV industry people for, understand PV power station investment returns relationship, most think is pull industry development, help poverty area of farmers out of poverty, is Guo Limin of good, but for many layman people for, they not familiar this industry, more not know PV poverty policy, we received more of is questioned sound.

Of course, this is inevitable, the verdict from the good and the bad, not about you and me can. Today we have an objective look at photovoltaic what is poverty?

First look at photovoltaic bright side. PV clean environment, technology is a reliable, stable, suitable for construction of residential and small power stations at the village level, suitable for the construction of large-scale centralized power plants, can also be combined with agriculture, forestry, carry out a variety of “PV +” application.

These advantages and benefits, there will be a solar appears to alleviate poverty, PV is pushing the glamorous stage for poverty alleviation. It is seen as an important mode of asset poverty, is the place to win the new poverty battle force.

Of course, this statement is not made up, see 2016 on the implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction, development and Reform Commission issued opinions on Views clear 2020 years Qian in 16 a province of 471 a county of about 35,000 a built document state card poverty village, to whole village advance of way, guarantees 2 million built document state card no labor capacity poor (including disabled) annual each households increased income 3000 Yuan above, while also clear has each bit poverty object of corresponds to project scale standard for 5-kilowatt around; take concentrated type PV power station way, each bit poverty object of corresponds to project scale standard for 25-kilowatt around.

See here, I am sure you will ask, the 5-kilowatt power station, 25-kilowatt station, who is going to help build capital who is going to pay?

Don’t say 25-kilowatt, take 5-kilowatt of PV power station construction, money is hundreds of thousands of, are tens of thousands of larger households separate financing is unrealistic.

In comments, clear the problem: the State Development Bank, agricultural development Bank of China for PV project to provide preferential loans for poverty alleviation, according to sources of financing costs on the Central Bank’s benchmark lending rates on the basis of a modest fall over the same period. Encourage other banks, as well as social security, insurance, Fund and other funds on the premise of a reasonable return for low-cost financing for PV projects. Encourages innovative financing methods such as raised to support construction of photovoltaic projects, encouraging enterprises to provide a variety of support, including direct investment and technology services. Also the subsidies granted, grid-connected PV power plant made clear.

To conclude the current PV poverty we understand that one of the following: Government wholly-owned poverty; the Government’s anti-poverty funds and household Bank loan; the Government’s anti-poverty funds and social donations; the Government’s anti-poverty funds and household investment.

Next we talk always been questioned.

First, financial issues, take a look at poor households, local authorities, banks, what is the attitude of the enterprise.

For the poor, pays as little as possible, not a penny, is the best.

Little by little more for local users, and social contributions is a bit more, the extra financial pressure on small.

User for bank loans less is more, because the end of Lent is no money for it!

For enterprises, no matter how much you, the user, Bank loan, as long as you make good money with my PV equipment is good.

Second, photovoltaic equipment and technology.

Theory of photovoltaic plant life of 25 years, but the people inside are clearly the two large photovoltaic power plant, components and the inverter only 10-year and 5-year warranty, 25 warranty no patting his chest could promise. From a technical point of view, the components along with the years of growth, efficiency will be attenuated, already baifenzhishijiershiji efficiency and attenuation to the rear will be lower and lower, higher failure rate of the inverter, service life of components within 5 years. Stability of photovoltaic power stations was difficult to guarantee any talk about continuing operations 20 years on?

Problems do exist, but does not cover photovoltaic active role for poverty alleviation. Photovoltaic power generation technology in increasing efficiencies have become more sophisticated, we never think of mobile phones in the past have so many functions. Times change, technology innovations, what’s in the future, we will have to wait!

Original title: implementation of PV to poverty alleviation in rural areas, need to see what

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