Intelligent thermometer can be used as a city health forecasting basis

  Kinsa last year this company has published intelligent thermometer. It is a $ 30 non-screen equipment, need to be received on the smart phone’s headphone jack can be used. Recently, Kinsa publishing smart ear thermometer products, new product is equipped with a screen, which eliminates the trouble to get on the phone to use. However, it can as a intelligent products via Bluetooth and the corresponding app (iOS/Android), helps users keep track of your family’s health information.

Intelligent thermometer can be used as a city

  Kinsa intelligent ear thermometer works with the other tympanic thermometer products are basically the same. Special is that the app is open, ears Wen Jiben body temperature not only shows that app will be loudly announces the measured temperature. No matter how much temperature is measured, users can save it in the corresponding archives of family members. Kinsa app will prompt the user for example, headaches, chills, sore throat and other symptoms recorded.

Intelligent thermometer can be used as a city

  The ear thermometer is a plastic, battery-powered, the overall dimensions of 15×4.6×2.5 cm, weight is 85g. Research on temperature there is a small cover on the head protection, users can use the swab to clean it.

  Kinsa this ear thermometer is intelligent because it app based on user age symptoms information fill in to provide users with recommendations from a network doctor. In addition, the user’s body temperature and symptoms information will be uploaded to the cloud, server upload location information based on aggregated data. Of course this information anonymous upload, where they could help predict outbreaks of epidemics.

  Kinsa app also has a more personal and group functions, this function allows the user to monitor the children closely around the students coughing and the information sent to their parents for advice. Kinsa also part of the grand plan, if there are enough people using Kinsa product, its application will be able to do it “health forecasting”, founder of Inder Singh hoped that everyone can know whether their city will have outbreaks. Victorias Secret iPhone 6+ case

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  Braun smart ear thermometer sells for $ 35, Kinsa this version sold for 50 dollars it’s not ridiculously expensive. But the reality is if this company really imagine, everybody would like to contribute to the community health forecast?

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