Japan 2015 photovoltaic panel shipment statistics 500kW project shipments to

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan Photovoltaic Association (JPEA) announced in late May 2015 (April 2015 to March 2016) photovoltaic panels shipments statistics. Statistics showed that 2015 Japan domestic shipments in 2014-19.4%, 7.95GW. Since Japan 2012 import fixed-price system (FIT), this is the first annual shipments decreased.

According to purpose, is the largest reduction-oriented output power more than 10kW, 500kW project shipments, 2014-3.46GW,2015 36.7%, 2.19GW. For above 500kW mass shipments of photovoltaic power station in 2014-3.78GW,2015 3.36GW, 11.1%, reduction is relatively small.

In addition, residential use (under 10kW) shipments in 2014-had been reduced, 2015 is substantially reduced by 21.8%, 1.54GW.

500kW of medium-scale photovoltaic power plant reduction was larger, from this scale as the main goal of Sanix and Omron’s photovoltaic sector into battle is evident. MW-level photovoltaic power plant is the main market for nine electric and Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric industrial systems (TMEIC) photovoltaic business remains strong.

Original title: Japan 2015 photovoltaic panel shipment statistics: 500kW project shipments to dramatically reduce

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