Jen Hsun Huang VR mature to 20 n is not interested to solve the problem

  Extreme immersive VR technology can bring people, no matter who wants to try on. Although this technology is still there, but everyone is optimistic it could soon be resolved. However, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, had other ideas, he said VR technology to mature for 20 years.

Jen-Hsun Huang: VR mature to 20 n is not interested to solve the problem

  At the COMPUTEX Taipei show, Jen-Hsun Huang gives a range of VR technology existing defects. In his eyes, in front of the defect resolution, the platform has failed to provide the best immersion.

  He said: “first of all, VR head a little too heavy, its shape must be elegant, wire affect the experience of problems to be solved. Resolution is much higher than it is now to just go. In accordance with the laws of physics to represent the physical world, your environment is not beautiful enough. We have to address these issues in the next 20 years. “He added:” there are 20 years to deploy is a good thing. ”

  For those who have actually tried VR technology, especially the use of Oculus Rift for people and top devices HTC Vive, Jen-Hsun Huang’s evaluation won’t let them too surprised. But there is one thing that is very interesting, the CEO to address the problems he listed showing very low interest.

  When asked to Nvidia how to solve those problems that exist in VR, Jen-Hsun Huang was not very eager to answer those questions, simply said the company has hundreds of branch project was eventually abandoned. “As a company we will conduct experiments,” he said. “There are hundreds of projects in our company … … The vast majority of them are dismounted. ”

  From his answer, we might speculate, Nvidia is really trying to solve these problems, but have not come up with a satisfactory result. Of course, it thinks he is not required to solve the problem of VR hardware company, which is likely. Victorias Secret iPhone 6 Case

  To some extent this is reasonable: Nvidia has not only a research and development production of gaming GPU manufacturers, GeForce GTX 1080 exist because the new Pascal schema, such technology will be used to promote Supercomputing and AI, and not just as a game platform.

  Throughout the news conference, Jen-Hsun Huang has been constantly reiterated that Nvidia’s target customers are those who need to perform “impossible task” of customers. He also made it clear that the company no longer is interested in mobile devices, unless the mobile device is a driverless car. Nvidia or mysterious new brand line will reveal true this year, we will see to what point the company on its technology.

  It seems that Nvidia will be for developers and players running VR games brought a strong driving force, but as for the problem of VR that exists in nature, such as wired and wireless, that requires producers to figure out myself.

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