Jinzhai County Anhui photovoltaic accurate poverty programme

Polaris solar network: in order to seriously implement the provincial poverty alleviation and the jinzhai County, on the full implementation of the “3115” poverty project strongly winning the battle spirit of the implementation of the programme for poverty eradication, do a PV accurate poverty alleviation work in our County, for the poverty and build a well-off society by 2020 a solid foundation, develop following implementation of the program.

First, objectives and tasks

(A) construction of a centralized PV power station for poverty alleviation. Site construction 200,000-kilowatt terrestrial photovoltaic power stations for poverty alleviation.

(B) the development of distributed (lianhu) photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation. Site-building distributed in 23 townships (lianhu) photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation, each site building size 200-kilowatt-600-kilowatt, a total of 15,000 kW.

(C) expansion of village PV power plant for poverty alleviation. 218 villages PV power station expansion to 100-kilowatt in 2016, the first complete 71 filing State poverty of village-level power plant expansion card, conditions for expansion of non-poor villages can also be implemented simultaneously.

(D) improve the PV project coverage. Establishing PV project income distribution mechanism, centralized PV power plants and distributed for poverty alleviation (lianhu) photovoltaic power plant net income used to support the poor for poverty alleviation, overwrite the file state card poor 13000 (PV power station have been built except for the poor and wubaohu), the beneficiary population 40,300 people per household increasing year over 3000 Yuan.

Second, key projects

(A) 200,000-kilowatt concentration photovoltaic power stations for poverty alleviation. Projects with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, the County Government invested projects capital of 250 million Yuan, from the agricultural development Bank to apply for a 15-year policy loan 1.25 billion yuan. Tie Chong Xiang Li Qiao and high fan Cun, transferring about 6000 acres of land for the project. Its income covers 8,000 households, focused on solving reveals poor households increase.

(B) distributed 15,000 kW (lianhu) photovoltaic power plant for poverty alleviation. Such projects mainly to solve the poverty problem of poor households ‘ income in the short term. Projects with a total investment of 97 million Yuan, County financial integration and manpower-related funds part of the solution, part of the Community contribution, the first benefit fund of 5000 Yuan per household address some. Four years before the first beneficiary households enjoy the power of 3000 Yuan income each year, and last year the Government return of one-time pad by poor funding. Benefit households unable to fund, you can bid for the microcredit for poverty alleviation, but enjoy the income distribution of 500 Yuan less than the cash fund each year.

(C) 218 village PV power plant expansion. Capacity from 60-kilowatt to 100-kilowatt, projects with a total investment of 65.4 million Yuan, the village “a company” financing investment, ten years before the two-thirds of the proceeds used to pay off loans, one-third as village collective income for village-level poverty alleviation.

Three, build time

In line with the overall implementation and promoting principles of centralized, distributed PV poverty alleviation (lianhu) PV poverty alleviation, expansion of village PV power plant three types of projects implemented simultaneously. 200,000-kilowatt centralized PV power station for poverty alleviation in July 2016 and start construction in June 2017, grid-connected electricity generation. 5000 households distributed (lianhu) ATD PV power station and 71 poor village PV power plant expansion project construction tasks to be completed by the end of 2016.

Four, liability

County development and Reform Commission is responsible for implementation of the 200,000-kilowatt solar power plant construction projects for poverty alleviation, jinzhai Hui Jin investment co as the subject of investment and financing. County poverty and Immigration Bureau is responsible for implementing a distributed (lianhu) photovoltaic power plant building for poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and development limited company as the subject of investment and financing of investment and financing in jinzhai County. County Department of finance is responsible for the implementation of village PV power station expansion project, collective economic entities “company” as the subject of investment and financing.

Five, the management mechanism

After the project is completed and put into operation, consists of three subjects of investment and financing of such projects separately signed a management agreement with photovoltaic power generation operation and maintenance center, establishing PV project operation and management mechanism for poverty alleviation. In accordance with the “dynamic management net income allocation, enabling accurate adjustable object” principle, immigrants from County poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, accurately determine the supported object and standard, dynamic management and adjusted benefited the poor. Centralized PV power plants and distributed for poverty alleviation (lianhu) photovoltaic power plant proceeds into County poverty for poverty alleviation and development finance limited account management, a distribution channel distribution. Photovoltaic power plant at village level income of the County vote clearing the village “a company” proprietary accounts.

Six, implement

(A) strengthen organizational leadership. PV projects by County “3115” Organization for the harmonization of the implementation of the anti-poverty programs command, the County leading group for construction of new energy cooperation, implementation-related tasks. County departments and the municipal party chief responsibility for the project, specifically responsible for coordinating and advancing in the implementation of the project. Construction projects in the County, the County Government focuses on handling matters, and incorporated into the Township, the County targeted help annual poverty and village poverty reduction task force storming performance evaluation reviews.

(B) the clear assignment of responsibility. County development and Reform Commission is responsible for coordinating the photovoltaic power plant construction-related work on poverty reduction, formulation and implementation of programmes, to implement projects for the record, fight for construction projects. County Development Authority is responsible for the accurate choice of poverty and immigration support, and was responsible for organizing Township to be completed before the end of August 2016 benefit fund charge; for PV pro-poor policies funds to develop income distribution. County Department of finance is responsible for the integration of project funds. County bid Board and city investment company (Huijin), poverty alleviation and development company responsible for the tendering procedures. County power supply company responsible for grid-connected power grids, debugging, tariffs settlement and incorporation procedures, and so on. Of the Township Party Committee and Government on the photovoltaic project in villages and towns assume overall responsibility, implemented within their respective jurisdictions poor qualification, pre pay collect, coordinate services and project related tasks.

(C) to speed up the project. In accordance with the requirements of government investment projects, accelerating 200,000-kilowatt concentrating photovoltaic power project feasibility study, for the record, land use, environmental impact assessment, access and other preparatory work, implementation of project financing; accelerate distributed lianhu poor station siting and construction of photovoltaic; speed up the start village PV power plant expansion. Positive declaration for national PV poverty alleviation programmes, ensure the early start and early completion of the project, the early results. County Immigration Office for poverty alleviation and related departments should actively seek community donations. The Township to pay charges to work immediately.

(D) improving power quality. Power supply companies of County power network analysis of bearing capacity and capability for investigation, formulation and concentration photovoltaic power grid reconstruction plan adapting to the poverty alleviation project, actively strive for provincial and municipal power companies increase investment in power grids, speed up the ancient Tablet 220,000 volts, White Tower fan, 220,000-volt transformer substation project construction, advancing the 500,000 volts transformer substation project preliminary work. Focus on accelerating pro-poor access system in power plant construction, grid-connected PV projects and ensured the smooth and normal operation.

(E) the strict discipline. And departments at all levels in order to strengthen photovoltaic project responsibility and sense of urgency, strictly in accordance with the objectives to promote development, strict implementation of poverty reduction policies, not deception, precision, precision for poverty alleviation of poverty. Counties discipline inspection and supervision departments to increase efforts to deal with disciplinary violations, once a problem is discovered, firmly in place.

Original title: photovoltaic precision in jinzhai County of Anhui poverty programme

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