Musk or eliminated SolarCity brand

Polaris solar PV net news: Elon ˙ musk (Elon Musk) last week announced that Tesla plans to buy SolarCity, hoping to merge the latter into Tesla’s own business. Although the plan is still pending approval by the Board of Directors and shareholders on both sides, but new energy news site Electrek found, the electric car maker Tesla have brands of solar products applied for a registered trademark.

Trademark registration files obtained under Electrek, Tesla hired Cooley Law firm registered trademark and copyright lawyers Ariana ˙ Heathcote (Ariana Hiscott) on June 22, 6 new applications–and Tesla announced plans to buy SolarCity is same day.

These registered trademarks range from solar cells and solar modules to the solar panel installation and repair business, monitoring business also covers solar power and solar installation financing, all using the “Tesla” registered trademark.

If Tesla and SolarCity merged smoothly, Mr MASKEY said it would by the same location, using the same sales of Tesla and SolarCity products. According to current trademark application documents, the company seems to be gradually subsumed all products are owned by Tesla and SolarCity brand will be phased out.

It is important to note that, Tesla may not always use the company to apply for a registered trademark. The company last year launched a Tesla energy business and after you publish the static energy storage products, also have applied for Powerwall, Powerpak and Superpack registered trademarks.

Tesla launched Powerwall and Powerpack products, but has not launched Superpack products.

Original title: Tesla requesting 6 new registered trademark: or phasing SolarCity brand

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