National Energy Board formally and publicly 2016 18 1GW PV implementation

Polaris solar PV net news: provinces (regions and municipalities), the Xinjiang bingtuan development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), each agency, State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid company, power company, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia electric power company, Planning Institute, electric power Planning Institute:

According to the provisions related to photovoltaic power generation project construction management, considering the national PV development plan, 2015-photovoltaic power generation operation in all regions, electricity market conditions as well as the use of subsidies, I prepared the 2016 PV implementation programmes. Be informed of the content and requirements are as follows:

Issued nationwide scale PV power station 18.1 million-kilowatt, 2016, in which ordinary PV 12.6 million-kilowatt, PV leads the technology base scale 5.5 million-kilowatt. Provincial (district, municipal) 2016 General added PV power station construction and PV leads the technology base of scale attached.

Second, fixed roofs, walls and subsidiary sites construction of photovoltaic power generation projects, as well as all the spontaneous use of photovoltaic power stations on the ground without limiting the scale of the project, regional administrative Department of energy admissible at any time record, power grid company incorporation formalities in time, into the scope of subsidies after the project is completed.

Three, does not have the new PV market condition in Gansu, Xinjiang, Yunnan, delay or release 2016 added PV power station construction (PV poverty). Ordinary added scale used for photovoltaic PV power station in Shandong province for poverty alleviation. National photovoltaic construction scale of the poverty reduction issue.

Four, to encourage the provinces (regions and municipalities), national development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) building tenders, selection and other competitive configuration mechanism for PV power plant project, photovoltaic power generation technology and price drop. Configured to take competition project areas and promoted price significantly decreased, its construction scale of the year directly by the province (district, municipal) electricity price average (scale) twice times to increase, competition increases the size of the allocation to specific projects.

Five, and the province (district, and city) development reform Board (Energy Council) by this scale configuration General PV power station project listing, Yu July 2016 end of Qian submitted I Council, CC this area National Energy Council sent institutions and provincial grid company, and according to national energy Council on implemented can renewable energy power project information management of notification (country can new can [2015]358,) about requirements, Organizing related items in a timely manner to adopt national renewable energy power projects information management platform (hereinafter referred to as platform) complete information. After December 31, 2016, the regions included in the list of 2016 new construction projects could not be changed.

Six, the PV leads the technology base should be taken tenders, preferably competitive comparison method such as configuration items, and price should be used as the main competition. Base construction should, in principle, of a single PV power plant project in 100,000-kilowatt, projects PV PV PV products are required, such as “leader” advanced technical product specification. Base optimization of investment and construction of projects by province (district, municipal) development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) uniform implementation, or by its authorized base city (County) Government organizations. National Energy Board provide guidance and supervision of project construction on the station.

Seven, grid energy enterprises should cooperate with local authorities at all levels to implement the annual construction program. For PV power generation projects included in the implementation plan should be based on the principle to streamline processes and improve efficiency, according to relevant provisions and time requirements, issued by project network views and support out of the construction, ensure that project completed timely operation.

Eight, provincial (district, municipal) development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) should be published on a quarterly PV power generation projects in the province-building information, including building, incorporation and operation, so as to guide regional PV construction. National Energy Board information on all agencies should adopt a platform time tracking throughout the implementation of the annual plan, photovoltaic power generation project construction and operation and power grid enterprises obtain grid access all aspects of the service, guaranteeing the purchasing, electricity in full settlement and renewable energy subsidies granted by regulation. State solar technical centralized management unit responsible for the operation and maintenance of information, making full use of information by means of information management platform, strengthening and monitoring of photovoltaic power generation project construction, operation and information and statistics.

Annex: 1.2016 provincial (district, municipal) ordinary added PV power station construction

National Energy Board formally and publicly 2016 18.1GW PV implementation programmes

2.2016 PV leads the technology base construction

National Energy Board formally and publicly 2016 18.1GW PV implementation programmes

Original title: National Energy Board about 2016 PV implementation programmes issued notice

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