Northwest wind frequency was abandoned before the end of June or in Inner Mongolia

Polaris solar PV net news: in early June, Zhao Yin hurried to the Inner Mongolia power group, National Energy Board latest on wind power, photovoltaic power generation fully guaranteeing the purchasing management notification of job-related requirements (hereinafter referred to as the notice), this notice on the wind, PV backing protection policy rules is his biggest concern.

“The circular on wind power, optical focus area guaranteed minimum annual utilization hours were approved, the move is equivalent to ‘ fallback ‘, settled parts of photovoltaic, wind power could not dissolve problems. “Zhao Yin said.

Green energy into the development cycle

Clean energy instead of conventional fossil fuels are a major trend. According to the plan, by 2020, 2030, renewable energy accounted for respectively 15% and 20%. Outside in addition to hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic solar energy were included in the major development strategies.

The beginning of 2015, wind, photovoltaic energy development policies have been issued. National Energy Board cancelled generators (including wind farms, solar power projects)-grid security evaluation. Then in March last year, the National Energy Board issued on 2015 annual wind power to dissolve notice on work. In April of that year, the fifth batch of wind turbine projects approved plans announced, project amounted to 34 million-kilowatt, above trade expectations.

Encouragement of the policies, wind, photovoltaic energy to achieve a rapid development. In Inner Mongolia, for example, one part of the electric power industry Association statistics show that Inner Mongolia 6,000-kilowatt wind power installed capacity of 24.6244 million kilowatts and above, ranking first in the country. Wind power strong expansion of new energy, photovoltaic power generation rise in 2015 alone 800,000-kilowatt new photovoltaic power generation project in Inner Mongolia.

However, while wind power and PV installed capacity expanding, generating cost has dropped significantly, industry chain gradually improved when the new energy price and guarantees not adjust in time, new energy development in a “high subsidy, high growth, high power, high arrears” cycle.

Abandon “wind,” or abandoned “power”?

The Erdos hangjin County Zhao Yin Wu Su and wind farm operation for six months, tax included price is 0.51 Yuan/kWh, while the wind farms will get 2 cents per kilowatt hour of additional national renewable electricity price subsidies, but Internet use does not meet power generation loads, wind farms cannot get out of the “abandoned style” quagmire.

In fact, “abandoned the wind” “abandoned” power has become a wind, solar and other renewable energy industries a major bottleneck for the development of. A report from the national development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia’s statistics show that, with the development of wind power, “abandon wind” problem that had plagued wind power industry last year, Inner Mongolia “abandon wind” was 18%. Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association’s latest annual report of China PV industry 2015 North “abandon rate” of 17.08%.

Zhao Yin says, in the wind, photovoltaic energy installed capacity growth at the same time, West Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia power grid construction, lack of electricity load and so enable new sources of power to dissolve with limited space.

Compared with the power grid construction, affecting whole new energy to dissolve more “lethal” constraint is the thermal power. “Even under construction and ready to build the power delivery channel to alleviate some wind, photovoltaic grid-connected power generation problem, but due to the thermal power capacity, peak capacity is weak and insufficient overall demand for electricity and other reasons, wind power, photovoltaic power generation projects still normal power arrangements. ”

This reporter has learned, installed capacity of new energy in Inner Mongolia upgrade at the same time, new installed capacity of thermal power and did not stop. Fold “wind,” or abandoned “power” as the dilemma of development of new energy in Inner Mongolia.

New rules for green power backing

For the Western region “abandoned the wind”, “abandoned” and more serious problems, released the National Energy Board’s notice published for the first time the wind and photovoltaic power generation the guaranteed minimum number of hours, urged all localities to achieve protection of hour requirements, and effective protection for new energy, promoting new energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation industry healthy and orderly development.

In this new energy in backing new regulations, photovoltaic power generation, wind power according to the seriousness of the problems in key areas was divided into category I and II. Photovoltaic maximum threshold is 1500 hours, a minimum of 1300 hours; wind power up to 2000 hours, a minimum of 1800 hours.

Zhao Yin said, according to the new regulations, he is guaranteeing the purchasing of wind hours to 2000 hours. In other words, if the usage is below this amount, the Government must sell electricity purchase.

The requirements of the notice, the power grid at the end of June this year and wind power, photovoltaic power company by 2016-priority contracts, security policies can be formally implemented this year, does not meet the minimum security requirements of power hour renewable energy act in accordance with the regulation on guaranteeing the purchasing power in full compensation.

A new energy analyst told reporters, referred to in the notice, and encouraged all over the objective of improving the protection, does not meet the minimum security requirements of the provinces not to start the construction of the new “wind,” project, “which can be considered a priority on renewable Internet access and affordable acquisition and analysis of constraint files, specific protection efforts far beyond expectation. ”

It is reported, is expected before the end of June, will introduce protection in Inner Mongolia wind, PV guaranteeing the purchasing policy rules.

Original title: the “wind,” were frequently enacted new rules the Government abandon “reveals”

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