Parity PV power plant operation and maintenance seeks refinement

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) new PV on-grid price is on July 1, marks our PV from a step closer to parity, “meager profit time” enlarge the gains become owners pay more attention to the real problem. Current technologies, within a short period of improving all aspects of PV power plant generating capacity bottlenecks be broken, “reducing cost and increasing efficiency” under the rigid demand, photovoltaic operation and maintenance this by optimizing the power station to improve power generation, power plant owners more and more attention.

“The Internet +” further catalytic, photovoltaic operation gradually outlet, follow is a wave after wave of corporate approach, the current domestic photovoltaic operation and maintenance business has amounted to hundreds of covers inverter, software, communications and other fields. All operation enterprise operation philosophy and involvement in different ways, operation mode as a separate group. The reality is that whether it is selling software or sell equipment, photovoltaic operation story is over, increase generating capacity was essential.

PV life-cycle management: details determine success or failure

PV power station runs as a 25-year investment entities key to ensure the smooth operation of 25 owners reap the benefits. On the current mode of operation, through inverters, combiner box key equipment such as powered operation and maintenance system for management, there are companies simply provide software for power plant data support. Unlike some companies involved in the PV power station construction after the completion of operation and maintenance, Sanas is involved in power station prior to the construction of choice.

Parity PV power plant operation and maintenance seeks refinement

Sanas Deputy General Manager Geng Wenqiang

Sanas metaphor Geng Wenqiang, Deputy General Manager of “a person from childhood to adolescence, middle age, old age, care standards, photovoltaic plant as well. Different for each power plant siting, design and selection of equipment, resulting in 25 years running in the operation and maintenance of PV power station in different ways. This means in actual operation and maintenance optimization of during, like medical examination, upon completion of the examination, for the health of the person to make a complete programme. We will assess the utility test, fully aware of the defects of the power station and the master station index and give it a tailored maintenance programme. ”

Sanas of power station full life cycle management system, covers PV power station location, and power station equipment selection, and power station construction link and power station built Hou of monitoring, and inspection and maintenance,, through line online Xia linkage mode, on power station for fine of management: line Shang through set control system understand power station power status, through shipped dimension management system on shipped dimension personnel behavior constraints, avoid errors reported concealed not reported this situation occurred; line Xia through system tube control sector, and cost tube control sector, and technology tube control sector, and security tube control sector, And centralized control Department to support all power plant operation and maintenance work, arrange on line and offline responses in a timely manner.

Geng Wenqiang, the “power plant owners increasingly high demands for meticulous management in power plant, photovoltaic power plant operations also need to be more detailed. Sanas currently operating installed capacity of 850MW, operations teams have more than 300 people, covered all over the country, Sanas has also set up a working group, each carry out regular inspections of the area to see whether the system actually landed. In addition, the normalized drills such as fire, flood, do a little walkthrough a month, a quarter of a walkthrough. ”

New way of reducing cost and increasing efficiency: intelligent maintenance equipment

Income of PV power plant and power station construction costs, factors such as power quality and power are closely related, and in recent years, into the operating period of 25 photovoltaic power plant quality issues have become increasingly prominent, component tolerance field, power station power forecast inaccurate, inverter problems such as high failure rate, the component quality is particularly outstanding.

Photovoltaic power plant after running for some time, components will be hot spots, light attenuation, cracked and snails as well as a range of issues, causing lethal damage to photovoltaic power plant. Balance certifications to 32 provinces last year, 3.3GW 425 including large ground stations and distributed components used in power station detection showed, 425-solar power station, 30% complete 3 years of power stations to varying degrees, there is a problem, some 3 years the rate of decay of power plant equipment as high as 68%.

In addition to lethality strong, a photovoltaic module operation and maintenance is also the difficulty, mainly reflected on PV module testing and cleaning. Geng Wenqiang, the “traditional way of checking is to get a remote infrared imaging devices one by one to test, 20MW hydropower station adds up to 1 month’s time. “Not only time consuming, labor costs are not insignificant costs. Component cleaning, tianhong Sun Vice President Wang Guan Yu said, conventional manual cleaning or semi-automatic machine cleaning cost around 25,000 yuan//10MW, a 200-person, not only water, protected from the weather, and takes up some time during the day, more of the leakage of electric shock safety hazard.

Not only that, but with photovoltaic application forms, component cleaning, testing and new challenges. In agricultural photovoltaic power stations, for example, it is understood that the PV agriculture are two, one is the PV agriculture, namely high ground station, battery plants planted under one photovoltaic facility agriculture, underneath the panels to build greenhouses and greenhouse cultivation. General power plant components cleaning by washing cars for mainly, but agricultural projects in photovoltaic farms, agricultural land to maximize the use of the land, sometimes between the component and the component space above crops, cleaning the car does not go in, increasing the difficulty of the operation.

Faced with these difficulties, some operational enterprises sought to solve through intelligent devices, 2016SNEC exhibition, many operational enterprise launched unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent cleaning robots and other equipment to reduce manual operation and maintenance costs and improve efficiency. Geng Wenqiang introduction, if you use the UAV detection, 20MW solar power plant with 4 hours to test them all, greatly enhance the operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Because the UAV device requires professionals to operate, and the price is relatively high, an increase of power plant operation and maintenance costs, some station owners are excited about an unattended operation and maintenance services, but due to the cost pressure cannot be achieved. Sanas UAV for owners to provide regional services, distribution in a region where a drone, an operator in each regional arrangements, to patrol all power plants in the region, so that the unmanned aerial vehicle inspections showed the power plant and reduces costs.

Geng Wenqiang said, whether it is agriculture fisheries complement light water light light complement each other, complementary, diversification of the PV application form, required at the operational level will continue to innovate and extend, Sanas from plant life cycle control means, intelligence operations and data analysis, and continuing to explore, will introduce new business models and new operational products.

Industry standards not to, enterprise standard

Photovoltaic operation from tradition towards intelligent is the trend, also experienced in the development process of “growing pains”: the standards due to the current operation and maintenance industry, operation number, operation of complex, in the “personality” at the same time, also operation and maintenance in a State of relative chaos. Despite the industry’s urging, photovoltaic operation and maintenance standards of failing out, operation and maintenance companies, instead of looking to wait rather than formulating enterprise standard in order to protect the power station operation and maintenance specifications.

It is understood that currently trade operations enterprise related operation and maintenance manuals and management standards to regulate the PV power plant operation and maintenance. Geng Wenqiang introduced Sanas also has its own set of management systems, through operation and maintenance management systems to standardize, ‘ quantification operations staff conduct.

“We spoke to each power plant is tailor-made for this power plant operation and maintenance program, operating procedures and safety regulations. To check links, for example, two maintenance personnel to check an inverter, because two patrol focuses on different inspection’s outcome may be totally different, Sanas regulate the matter of content inspection, inspection, all of the operations staff with a standardized template for inspection, this will clear the contents of the inspection. In addition, the inspection process to those working in the field of video evidence to test instruments regularly, every equipment we now want to put security tools and network acceptance required by. ”

Geng Wenqiang believes that currently operating enterprises according to the operation mode to set corporate standards, and then combined with third party agencies to establish uniform standards is a model, but to be more standardized and transparent operation market, is also looking forward to the national standard as soon as possible.

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