People how big is the feasibility to construct PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: a friend open a restaurant, we found several contributed 100,000, is 100,000, my friends decided to go to the Bank to loan, prepared with more than 200,000 of the vehicles and more than 100 houses as collateral. When confident, want to make House and car mortgages but also loans money? Results did not borrow money! Ran 5-6 banks in the city, each bank adequate grounds for refusal are: property and business license or with two sets of property, required in the civil service or public institution, proof of State-owned enterprises.

Face rejection, friends gave up, difficult not to take a civil service examination institution? Think I’ll pass! Banks are the icing on the cake, which has snowy weather.

It is now the common people the loan! Personal or corporate loan in the photovoltaic industry do?

PV executives of listed companies and a dinner before, talking about loans, he was such a figure of speech: an industry or business, the key is to look at the loan officer. When loan officers rushing about your eating, drinking tea, it means the business, the industry in the evaluation of the banking system is OK. But when the industry is having problems, even if the business is profitable, the loan officer was once in debt to you.

For example image, but it is the case, money for both business and personal, after all, is a sensitive topic, otherwise there would be no “talking about hurt feelings” it is!

Attention PV loans friend, might find this news about solar loan a few years more and more, from the PV industry to individuals, large power plants to residential photovoltaic power plant from the ground. Present loan there are several appellations: PV, sunshine, clean credit loan loan. Name is just a name, it is hard for ordinary people to bring immediate interests is the key. These types of loan principal object belongs to the people, small and medium enterprises.

Here for loans for individuals applying for home power plant said to see people building photovoltaic power plant is a trend? The pit?

Household PV, PV for construction loans, people more cautious.

The first category, PV investment income problem.

Some netizens referred to 3kW household PV power station, built over more than 20,000, more than 20,000 people, not a fraction, in the homes of ordinary people in rural areas electricity has just 50 Yuan a month, electricity for less than 20,000 yuan for 30 years! It is clear that this investment is not a good deal!

Second category, PV power plant quality issues.

PV can be used for so many years? A: the design life of 25 years. Really fits in 25 years? Well-known brands are afraid to bet again.

Not 25 years 10 years guaranteed? A: 10 component warranty, while the inverter is only 5 years.

Problems with 5 years remaining to do? A: the solution is to buy extended warranty! Price came up again.

Analysis of PV power plant components, modules, inverters, bracket, combiner box, cables, high probability for the inverter fails, components prone to decay in the process, directly affect the capacity and revenue.

Third, the question of subsidies.

Household PV power plant at this stage, national and local level are generally in accordance with the electricity subsidy, State subsidy period is 20 years. 20 span very long, like Germany and the United Kingdom, and Australia, such as PV early country subsidies aggressively at first, with capacity increasing fiscal pressure and had to cut off the subsidies, such problems will arise in our country?

Netizen’s problem list done, to see people’s attitude towards the PV loans.

Without loans, when it comes to money, whenever they had money or no money, are cautious. If home to build a power station, large initial investment, banks can readily made loans, but for tens of thousands of Yuan of debt? Many traditional thinking people won’t do, because this account is not easy to count.

Back to the above, friends loans of hitting the top, wanted loans but not to the former, which are loans to people he credits! You want but can’t get active for you but dare not take! That was so funny!

Difficulty building photovoltaic power plant is a pit, to construct power stations is a pit? Cannot be said to be, can’t say all good but objectively speaking.

Some say PV power plant is an investment, and I think it is more of an idea of transformation. May need to go through a brainstorming of baptism, to have this changed.

Years banking systems for the photovoltaic industry score very high, many large companies every week days for receiving persons in the banking system, for the banking system is a superior attitude and become more populist. However did not last long, the winter of 2012 for the photovoltaic industry, facing double-reverse, in the face of saturated, when China’s markets are still quite small, many enterprises are facing a cut of bovine x, delisting, bankruptcy, reorganization, Bank high loans can not guarantee the moment, major banks have contracted loans for the photovoltaic industry.

“PV is not OK, pay attention! ”

Last year, the Bank for users or companies started building power plants loan, banks also change as the market changes, this year’s national 18.1GW,2015 year 24.1GW to set the power station, which this year distributed the roof and spontaneous use of surface distributed no maximum, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tibet, Hainan, PV apart from Shandong indicators for poverty alleviation are not included.

In particular photovoltaic roof and distributed both market has great potential for poverty alleviation, and objects are ordinary people who, solar loans launched coincided with market hot fit.

Photovoltaic loan all involved including, Bank of Jiangsu “PV loan”, the Shanghai “sunny loan”, Zhejiang Zhuji rural commercial bank “PV loan”, Linan credit unions “PV loan”, longyou, Hu Zhen credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, Henan province “cleaning facility”, in huoqiu County of Anhui photovoltaic micro-loans for poverty alleviation.

Pattern is to project future earnings as collateral such as tariffs and subsidies, there is “zero down payment”, “0”, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years loan term, here to add that many of the local photovoltaic companies reached an agreement with the Bank, as long as the user provides PV installation costs of the company list of banks can lend. This is a relatively new, many companies use.

Whether it is the Sun or solar credits credits are appropriate and in line with the Government supporting the PV industry healthy and orderly development of important initiatives. For people for, installation household PV power station early investment cost high, has has loan of policy support, built power station not need spent a points money, is equal to more has a long-term of, and stable of income source; for Government and social,, promoted “PV +” and rural meet of innovation mode, for energy-saving emissions, improved energy structure and protection natural environment has “broken ice” meaning.

Original title: feasibility how people construct PV power station?

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