Polaris solar network on June 16 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary highlights June 16, 2016 new PV installed capacity target more than 20GW from quantity to quality change trend, PV development situation analysis, photovoltaic application gadgets are just “looks good”? And so on, as follows:

2016 new PV installed capacity target more than 20GW clear trend of transition from quantity to quality

Photovoltaic analysis of pro-poor development

Photovoltaic application gadgets are just “looks good”?

Anhui Huaibei subsidy support to photovoltaic industry development

2040 Japan PV power capacity of 129GW distributed to leading

Norway DNVGL open the latest version of solar panel reliability survey results

22.6%! ZSW refresh CIGS thin-film solar cell efficiency record

Apples are sold into green energy is just so simple?

What leads to photovoltaic power generation fails to perform?

Thirteen-Five “six trends of China’s energy development

PV blood transfusion is blood more likely in poor areas?

Fully automatic solar-powered boat across the Atlantic in less than 4 months (chart)

Can fly at night! Boeing Company applied for patent for solar-powered UAV

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