Polaris solar network on June 23 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary June 23 news, United States PV cells made anti-dumping against China final effects on enterprises limited, Ningxia Commission announces 2015-grid-connected PV projects 6.30 in the situation, Taiwan announced the renewable target 2025 PV installed capacity 20GW, as follows:

United States photovoltaic cells make a final anti-dumping towards China limited impact on the enterprise

Commission announces 2015-solar project in Ningxia 6.30 in the grid

Taiwan announced the renewable target 2025 PV installed capacity 20GW

Tesla’s “dangerous” acquisition of SolarCity in market capitalization of 2.1 billion euros

Abandoned solar high-speed road bridge, Chongqing sharply scale back restructuring

Guide to PV project development and construction in Xinjiang

Strive for five years for energy consumption in Hubei Province dominated by clean energy

PV equipment industry “leader” era

By 2030 solar will supply global 13% electric

Chile breakthrough solar installed capacity 1.2GW

Germany School of energy transformation?

Media: China to become largest PV power generation State

Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity failure is breakthrough?

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