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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, agreement on guaranteeing the purchasing wind power, photovoltaic power generation in full management notice

According to the national development and Reform Commission website on 31st, issued by the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board on wind power, photovoltaic power generation of fully guaranteeing the purchasing management notice. Notification, considering the absorptive capacity of the electric power system, in accordance with the benchmark price coverage, reference permission on a cost plus a reasonable return, abandoned has approved some wind, abandon light problem areas within the planning of wind power, photovoltaic minimum purchase annual utilization in hours. Minimum guarantee acquisition of annual utilization hours, according to the new energy grid and costs change, and adjust.

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2, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the poverty alleviation Office issuing the Shaanxi electric power plan of action for poverty alleviation

Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission Shaanxi Province electric power and poverty alleviation Office jointly issued the plan of action for poverty alleviation. The main measures of the plan include improving, “Sun-Sun” project, by the local power company for the population without electricity power projects implement the “Sun-Solar project” household solar power supply facilities, a comprehensive diagnostic, organizations conduct regular maintenance and repair in order to ensure normal operation of distributed PV building.

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3, the Department of energy on the part of the PV power plant in Hubei Province in the annual scale indicator alerts

By, suizhou city,, and, Huanggang City, development reform Board application, Hubei Province Energy Council established has by province Energy Council new energy at, and province Energy Council regulatory at, and national energy Council central regulatory Council, and province development reform Board organ discipline, and Hubei Province power Survey Institute composition of verification group, on align star group suizhou Xihe 100MWp ground PV power station, 5 a PV power station actual grid capacity, and using of battery pieces and inverse variable device detection certification, situation for has site verified, and issued has verification views.

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4, Anhui Province Energy Board issued its first batch of first demonstration test PV scale indicators and alerts

Anhui Province in 2014 will now state the closing 300,000-kilowatt in 2015 and additional 300,000-kilowatt photovoltaic power plant construction, according to order on line, assigned to Hefei Yong ju Wei photovoltaic solar White Lake community in lujiang County victory 29 build-first project and xinyiguang water in mining subsidence area of Huainan photovoltaic pilot demonstration projects.

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5, new energy base in East junggar, Xinjiang in Changji district 2GW project layout plan approvals

Examined by the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, development and Reform Commission, agreed with East new energy base in Changji area layout programme approval, on behalf of the Department of publicity of the project are published for a period of 5 working days.

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Market review

1, the new deal “reveals” the treatment of abandoned light problem: fails to reach the minimum guarantee shall not create a new project

In recent years, abandon, abandon light, the wind power has become a wind, solar and other renewable energy industries development bottleneck. May 31, national NDRC, and Energy Council issued on do wind electric, and PV power full supportability acquisition management work of notification, clear requirements not reached guarantees hours number requirements of province (district, and city) should take effective measures as soon as possible completed guarantees requirements, except resources conditions effect outside, not reached minimum guarantees acquisition years using hours number requirements of, shall not again new wind electric, and PV power project, this which including into planning or has approved of project.

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2, staged a new round of installing photovoltaic industry and capacity expansion

In the “leaders” plans and “630” price reduction policy, staged a new round of installing photovoltaic industry and capacity expansion boom, PV business “competition” in intensity. Worth noting is that industry bosses agree that 630 PV industry overcapacity will be highlighted in the era after, there will be a new round of reshuffle, but the adjustment is less than five years ago.

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3, solar subsidies will be phased out “weaning” will help market competition

Relying on the Government for a long time, “blood transfusion” ushered in the photovoltaic industry, “weaning”. Recently, says Hou Shouli, head of the price Department of the NDRC pricing Division, photovoltaic power generation as a new energy source, high cost, need the Government to continue to support, there is also a need to market, reduce costs. Reduce costs, the need to improve subsidy levels, establish a subsidy falling steadily mechanism.

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4, photovoltaic industry and raw materials reversed?

Fire has been described as ice day on the photovoltaic industry and raw materials are reversed? Report from the Agency showed, judging from the consolidated revenue and profit, manufacturing companies and power plant differentiation of enterprises are starting to appear: installed continuous high growth manufacturing companies revenues and profits accelerated release, was quite unexpected, power plant companies subject resource matching ability, power cuts and other issues, has been weakened.

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After 5, 630 demand frozen? Polycrystalline silicon chips led the market in June

After China’s largest exhibition SNEC, polycrystalline leading GCL release larger declines, drive the trend of polycrystalline silicon chips fell in June, near US$0.02/pc, also leads again showed a significant decline in the overall supply chain. In addition, grid-connected despite reports last week that China may 6/30 deadline extension to 8/31, but after, according to industry tracking, now generally agreed that the issue will not come true, overall industry demand is more likely to pull in 6/30 after the freeze.

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Enterprise version

1, the parent company for three years lost 1.6 billion green energy commercial model controversy

On May 23, eve of the opening of the SNEC, Peng Xiaofeng in the game with “passion cross, green can sail”-themed cocktail party, tried to sell him in the eyes of potential green energy treasure. However, its parent company recently announced huge losses of earnings, actually increases the perception of green treasure “physical capital lease” mode into question.

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2, Terry shore, sharp solar business expected in 2017 by turning it

A few days ago, was to be the Hon Hai’s acquisition of sharp (SHARP), the first and the abolition of Sharpe solar energy sector, Terry has become such announced layoffs, 30th Japan media pointed out that Terry has become such optimistic about the future development of the green energy industry, will shore up too to departments, and under the Alliance with Hon Hai group, fight 2017 turn losses into profits.

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3, asset-liability rate of 900% the group open recruit bankruptcy reorganization “disk access”

Breach SOEs in the first public offering bond market group, is still in debt crisis “mud” in the struggle. On May 30, the Group’s announcement, foreign recruitment intentions to revamp. As to whether interested parties have been involved in, the Group insolvency stakeholders said in an interview, now in the collection of open registration period, contact a lot of interested parties.

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4, the wind clean energy photovoltaic industry guessing or rejection and 5 billion yuan Tang is concerned

As part of strategic transformation, tailwind international clean energy company will sell solar product manufacturing business. The company has released notice shows that clean energy will be the wind to 5 billion yuan in cash to the Asia-Pacific (China) Investment Management Ltd sold its Jiangsu shunfeng photovoltaic technology limited 100% equity. As Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV has taken over Suntech, insiders speculated that selling shunfeng photovoltaic or Tang, President of Suntech was about.

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5, a number of PV Giants released first-quarter earnings driven by overseas markets and strong

Recently, a number of domestic photovoltaic companies in 2016 a quarter. Jinko (JKS) reported first-quarter shipments of 1600 megawatts of solar products, among them, 166 MW for downstream power station projects. Solar products shipments in 2015 1710 MW 6.4% drop in the fourth quarter, compared to the first quarter of 2015 789 MW 102.7%.

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Comment article

Hong-Wei: the Internet finance on financing of PV power station two value

Currently China is the financial power of the Internet, Internet financial in PV power plant investment and financing market is woke up early, got up late, all thunder and no rain. PV financing has become China’s financial puzzle puzzle, explore the road to crack, Internet financial has two special values.

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