Polaris solar PV NET week news highlights 6 13 to 6 17

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the national energy administration official publicly 2016 18.1GW PV implementation programmes

According to the provisions related to photovoltaic power generation project construction management, considering the national PV development plan, 2015-photovoltaic power generation operation in all regions, market conditions, and use of the subsidy funds, National Energy Board Organization the year 2016 PV implementation programmes. Be informed of the content and requirements are as follows:

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2, residents of Yiwu city, Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province economic and information Commission on PV companies filing notice of the

To strengthen management of the photovoltaic industry, regulating sector order and speed up the residents of Yiwu photovoltaic applications, in accordance with the Yiwu municipal people’s Government of the opinions on promoting the development of photovoltaic industry (Government issued (2015) No. 043) document, residents working in PV for the record are hereby notified as follows:

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3, allocated the first batch of Dongguan city in Guangdong Province (phase I) distributed PV project special purpose grants fund

Declared Dongguan under the Organization of distributed PV financial aid projects notified (FA change (2015), No. 303), by town, street trial, municipal development and reform Council, finance, audit, review, determine, first (phase I) distributed PV project special purpose grants fund (see annex), 3766787.53 grant funds available to companies (individual).

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Market review

1, 2016 18.1GW photovoltaic power generation construction implementation analysis

Dragon Boat Festival Festival Eve, China National Energy Council finally introduced national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV power construction implementation programme of notification, is total installation volume 18.1GW seems incentive industry heart, so power station subsidies continued delay issued, and West power case serious, problem continued exists, let China power station investment paid rate far than manufacturers expected, and for this year installation index time does not in notification in the description, this year second half of China should not appeared obviously Rob loaded tide of case.

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2, 3, 10 components inverter list of recommended enterprises selected for Department of energy photovoltaic projects in Jiangxi province

According to the change of PV industry in Jiangxi province, Jiangxi province, will now be adjusted photovoltaic projects recommended equipment list published. Recommended list of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic inverters other than enterprise products, provided that they meet the provincial standard (Organization of production within the province, the province registered independent enterprise legal person, corporate taxation within the province are invoiced certificate, a state-certified product certification or certificate), you can enjoy the subsidy policies equal to the list of recommended products.

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3, leading energy Board approved 8 photovoltaic technology demonstration base

Issued by the National Energy Board 13th release on 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes. Notification explicitly, corridor 8 PV PV leads the technology base of the Winter Olympics into the construction. PV leads the technology base should be taken tenders, preferably competitive comparison method such as configuration items, and price should be used as the main competition.

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4, Hebei normal PV project selection criteria introduced scalping indicators of enterprises will be disqualified

Recently, the Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission released on issuing the common PV power station project of Hebei province competitive allocation method of notification, notification requirements common PV power station project configured optimally competitive, enterprises participating in the competitive allocation, if submitted materials to deception to cancel its selection qualifications; scalping indicators business, cancel its project development qualification.

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5, the “Golden Sun” why “Sun”?

Nearly 15 hours of daylight, at Jiuquan qiangsheng photovoltaic technology 3 MW photovoltaic power plant main control room, electricity production is displayed as 0. This is the power station ceased power on the 7th day, shutting down a month before, proportion of the power station at 80%. Freemasonry is guodian power new energy development co urn Golden Sun Red WA 10 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project. Gansu province as one of the first “Golden Sun” demonstration project, “Golden Sun” helpless “Sun”.

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Enterprise version

1 Super Sun false representation rights case to re-open

On June 13, the 34 Super Sun (stock abbreviation GCL integration) investors to sue listed companies GCL integrated series of false statement of securities liability disputes disputes trial in the Nanjing intermediate people’s court official. The reporter learns, hearing both sides on many issues there is much controversy on the day, but only if the defendant overall intention of mediation, except in a few cases, most investors and concord between the integration of listed companies now have agreed through mediation to solve the dispute.

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2, offers PV power plant blocked road and bridge in Chongqing to be revised reorganization plan

Suddenly on June 13 night of the suspension bridge in Chongqing’s announcement because the company one of the major assets restructuring deal to buy the underlying asset Jiangsu Chang Shun new energy group some PV handling file has not yet been completely achieved, this major asset restructuring programme intended to be adjusted accordingly.

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March 3, Apple green energy is only selling this simple?

These days, Apple (Apple) to enter in the field of energy technology and energy spread, the exact message is: in June, Apple has quietly set up a Apple energy company, the world’s biggest tech giants to sell electricity. However, only sell so simple?

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4, Taiwan power company will invest 1GW solar power generation system

Taiwan power company has developed 15 investment plans, in 2030, added 3.5GW renewable energy power systems, including the 1GW solar. Taiwan Economic Affairs Department of energy says, 2025 nuclear-free homeland, actions of the Government will at the same time.

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Comment article

1, PV plants financing is a “false”?

PV financing study of v for a long time, the feeling is changing. Don’t know when to start, this is a “contradiction” feeling, say is “hard” or “easy”, while it was a “false dichotomy” trance, even doubted its value.

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2, the new energy expansion fronts than deep fields

For new energy industry, the excess is not terrible, because only after the surplus will reach equilibrium, thus forming a market of supply and demand matching. Therefore, once the surplus comes constant global value roots in high-end areas, clearly more valuable than simply expand the scale of demand.

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