PV equipment industry leader era

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as “the Ministry”) website announcement was in line with the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions the fifth list of Jiangsu nuclear new solar power company limited, Jiangsu Solarfun solar company, Nanjing daqo new energy co, can Electric Co, zhe Jiang Yu technology company of 13 companies listed. Introduction this specification means that the solar industry will begin a new round of consolidation. In this process, technical precision and debt-heavy companies might not be a bankruptcy reorganization, and the core competitiveness of enterprises will become bigger and stronger.

Meanwhile, in the National Energy Board issued June 13 release on 2016 issued the notice on PV implementation programmes, on the Winter Olympics photovoltaic corridors, coal subsidence area 8 PV leads the technology base to continue implementing “leader” technical standards for PV equipment manufacturers, this, is both an opportunity and a challenge. Overall, the PV equipment industry in China has begun to enter spell quality, efficiency of the spell “leader”.

Raising the threshold for industry concentration improvement

According to PV manufacturing industry specification conditions provides, PV manufacturing enterprise by products type in capacity aspects set has access standard, including polysilicon project each period scale is greater than 3000 tons/years; silicon ingots annual can not below 1000 tons; Silicon Rod annual can not below 1000 tons; wafer annual can not below 50 million tablets; crystal silicon battery annual can not below 200 MW; crystal silicon battery pieces annual can not below 200 MW; film battery pieces annual can not below 50 MW.

Strict controls on new simple to expand capacity of PV manufacturing projects, new construction and extension of PV manufacturing projects, minimum capital ratio 20%; PV manufacturing enterprise having independent of provincial research institutions, technology centres or high-tech enterprise qualification each year for research and development and technical improvement of cost is not less than the total sales of 3% and not less than 10 million Yuan. Clear both the existing and new and extension of enterprises and products required to meet the production conditions, clearly the PV manufacturing energy consumption, water consumption index and waste gas, waste water emissions should conform to national and local air and water quantity control of pollutant emission standards and requirements.

Most importantly, PV manufacturers and project investment, land supply, environmental impact assessment, energy-saving evaluation, quality monitoring, security, regulatory, credit, such as credit management should be based on the specifications of the PV manufacturing industry conditions. Does not meet the standards of enterprises and projects, and their products may not enjoy export tax rebates, domestic support policy support.

The future, the Ministry will check, the implementation of social supervision, based on dynamic management of regular bulletins list of eligible enterprises, and in violation of the relevant provisions of enterprises and projects, will is revoked notice entitled.

“Access standard from funding letter, and capacity, and efficiency, and sales, and development, and quality, and security, and environmental, all aspects, on PV Enterprise overall strength do has full of evaluation and considerations, Nanjing encyclopedia new energy with good of sales performance, and advanced of production management level and leading of hardware and software conditions is good to meet has these requirements, into meet PV manufacturing industry specification conditions fifth batch enterprise list. “Nanjing daqo new energy General Manager Chang Zhixiang told reporters.

“Leader” technical product batch application

Compared “polysilicon component photoelectric conversion efficiency and Silicon component photoelectric conversion efficiency respectively not below 15.5% and 16%, first years attenuation respectively not above 2.5% and 3%, zhihou annual attenuation are cannot above 0.7%, project full life cycle within attenuation are cannot above 20%” of access standard, Winter Olympics PV corridor, and coal subsidence district, 8 a PV lead technology base construction for equipment of requirements more high, to full implementation National Energy Council, and Ministry, and national certification recognized supervision Management Committee On the market to promote PV opinions on technological progress and industrial upgrading “leader” planning standards, polycrystalline and single-crystal silicon solar module conversion efficiency of not less than 16.5% and 17%.

For the inverter, and demonstration base for inverters of highest efficiency not less than 99%; China inverter efficiency not less than 98.1%; centralized inverter start voltage is not higher than 480 volts. String inverter start voltage is not higher than 200 volts; the maximum input voltage of the inverter is not less than 1000 Volts.

Demonstration base for PV system efficiency not less than 81% for the first year. When solar radiation is not lower than when 5464 MJ/m2, first annual energy output of 100 MW capacity solar power station (threshold kWh) when not less than 150 million-kilowatt, solar radiation and the installed capacity of power station is not the same as proportional and so on. PV system efficiency evaluation of data collected by the information management system for testing.

“At present, China’s PV industry faces structural problems still outstanding, weak competitiveness in manufacturing, power generation, PV enterprises financing difficulties subsidies and system cost and capacity linkage mechanism needs to be perfect. “Chang Zhixiang introduced said, full industry to in following several aspects for layout, a is science developed PV power target, guide sector collaborative cooperation; II is strengthening industry association power, developed and perfect PV products standard; three is guide industry merger restructuring, stop industry malignant competition; four is strengthening silver enterprises dialogue communication, improve financial support efforts; five is perfect related system mechanism, promoted distributed PV power development.

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