PV poverty of joy and sorrow

Polaris solar PV net news: every day has not been completely renovated on a tour of the new home, become, wuzhong city, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region nanliangcun village in yanchi County, old Guo recently new habits.

“I hear that many more than 10 boards on his roof, every year we can bring revenue of around 3000. “Old Guo Pu of photovoltaic panels on the roof, told reporters,” not only is this 120 square meters of tile-roofed house, photovoltaic power station was built next to the wait, I would make migrant children back to there job as workers. ”

Old Guo’s life was changed because of the PV. This change not only in nanliangcun, yanchi, light resource-rich Ningxia and many parts of the country as a whole, have gained a industry tool to alleviate poverty.


A long time, is located in the middle area of Ningxia yanchi County, due to natural climate is dry, ten years of drought, little precipitation, wind, and planting crops is basically dependent on, often without charge.

In recent years, the villagers rely on sheep, income is picking up gradually, but lamb prices up and down, the villagers ‘ income good or bad. The second half of 2014, lamb prices were halved before a sheep sell for around 1000 Yuan, below 500 Yuan was still unsold.

Party Secretary Zhao Yongqing wuzhong, told reporters, the industry is an integral part of poverty alleviation and development, and the development industry without the involvement of companies. This requires we do advanced configuration on the configuration, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in, not only to the development of primary industries, but also “one after another”.

Photovoltaic industry, wuzhong city, is to find the “one” way.

Since 2014 the State since the first photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation, through trial in yanchi County, introduced a number of PV enterprises, combines the PV industry development and poverty alleviation, and the long-term benefit of the people.

Old Guo Jia House of distributed PV roof equipment from China Minsheng investment joint stock company under the new energy investment company limited (hereinafter “new energy”). Zhongmin said Kong Linshan, cast Vice, equipment purchase and maintenance of all contracted by the company, the villagers don’t have to worry about, but after the issue of electricity sold to grid, tariff revenues all resupply of the villagers, the villagers “Sun” to 3000 Yuan income each year.

He explained that the zhongmin cast, wuzhong city, is working with the Government in national PV guiding policies for poverty alleviation on the basis of further exploring “PV +” model for poverty alleviation, help in yanchi County, take off your hat in poor counties in 3 years. ”

Of Ding Wei, tongxin County, wuzhong city, in the same opinion, the exploration of new energy in “PV + village-level poverty alleviation power station”, means to PV poverty-introduction to lead to people’s livelihood, economic and social development.

Ding Wei told reporters that grass-roots work in the countryside, the hardest part is often “kongkecun” job, these do not have collective revenue villages, group cohesion is not strong, the citizens ‘ welfare is difficult to upgrade, even if you wanted to do something to change, more often than not the hand, village development very difficult.

And if poverty at the village level power station can be built up, relying on electricity bills each year will give “kongkecun” a stable collective income, so that the village has a public utility costs. Ding Wei believes that “not only are poverty alleviation, rural work can be invigorated, is a ‘ dingpanxing ‘. ”

Promoting funding challenges

PV poverty of joy and sorrow

Photovoltaic promotion one of the constraints for poverty alleviation funds

However it is worth noting is that PV poverty reduction is a new type of precise means of poverty alleviation, to promote poor people’s income in the area of employment, improving the conditions of rural energy, with obvious economic role, “but has continued to face limited funding, capacity indicators, needs to be further breakthroughs. “The Director of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, poverty alleviation and Development Office Ling Dong told reporters.

In fact, yanchi was able to farmers and the village collective rapidly almost without any costs of PV projects, mainly thanks to some big projects led, through the resulting economies of scale to boost poverty alleviation projects.

Due to the small profit margins some small projects, poverty alleviation is often “the flesh is weak” poverty alleviation “superficial”, it is difficult to form a complete set of mechanisms. Therefore, in the case of large ground station indicator and limited resources, similar patterns of poverty there will be some limitations.

If you want to build more solar power plants, sources of funding as a major impediment. PV power plant project after the completion of the poor for poverty alleviation will bring steady returns of about 3000 Yuan a year, but the construction of a 3-kilowatt distributed PV power station, requires an investment of more than 30,000 yuan.

For people in poor areas, this expenditure is not small, especially the population living below the poverty line to come up with the money, more difficult.

More importantly, invest and build power stations not only a family facing funding problems, village-level power plants are no exception. In most parts of the Western region’s revenue itself is not rich, to each poor village that took hundreds of thousands of village-level power plant investment and construction, almost impossible.

In tongxin County, for example, according to the China electric power construction 2015-2020 PV, tongxin County in Ningxia Electric power Design Institute completed the project for poverty alleviation programme, tongxin County in Ningxia is the first photovoltaic pilot counties for poverty alleviation, it is also the first photovoltaic plan by the autonomous regions and counties (districts). According to planning, PV poverty to cover tongxin 5 a town 22 a poverty village total 18,020 a poor, plans using 2015-2020 years total 6 years time, in tongxin 20 a immigration village and 2 a village construction households with roof distributed PV power station, in the Yi min cun and village around of 8 block mountain shortage slope construction concentrated grid PV power station, planning total construction scale up 655MW, engineering total investment about 5 billion yuan.

2015 1 in October, tongxin County as a whole was only 170 million yuan of revenue from the 5 billion of the money falls far short of demand.

In March 2015, was transmitted by the National Energy Board and hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Institute entrusted with the formulation of the outline issued on PV implementation for poverty alleviation programming (for trial implementation) of the letter. The outline of photovoltaic poverty alleviation given the funding problems facing a number of possible solutions.

Like, a approach is by local Government on households with and based on agricultural facilities of PV poverty project give 35% initial investment subsidies, and on large ground power station give 20% initial investment subsidies; national by, proportion for initial investment subsidies configuration; households with and based on agricultural facilities of PV poverty project loan period 5 years, and enjoy Bank full discount, large ground power station loan period 10 years, and enjoy Bank full discount, and so on.

The national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board shortly afterwards five departments jointly issued the opinions on implementation of photovoltaic power generation poverty reduction and put forward appropriate guidance for project funding arrangements.

Policy has been more than a year, from a realistic point of view, local governments while the PV poor attitude is very positive, but 35% initial investment subsidies is often difficult. When the current economic downward pressures, initial subsidies from national ministries is not without difficulties.

Poor households and villages, local governments lack strength, it became important to get bank credit funds to support hope. But according to the Ningxia poverty relief Office introduced, there was a bank tries to step in PV project, but later found out that discount policy has not been implemented in full. Even if local governments coordinate security, construction plant could still be paying more than the base rate of interest on loans.

PV current investment yields only around 10%, this means that if half of it to pay interest, would make the plant benefits significantly reduced, effect will be greatly reduced.

From the practice in some areas, PV is a viable path for poverty alleviation, which helps poor people’s income, but also expanding PV market. But the premise is to address the sources of funding, and establishing a sustainable business model. This is intended to introduce PV issue that is needed to alleviate poverty.

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