Reading to further promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry

Polaris solar PV net news: on April 15, 2016, the Office of the Municipal Government promulgated the opinions on further promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (hereinafter the “comments”). Related content read as follows:

First, the opinion of background

The “Twelve-Five” period, with photovoltaic power generation project in Taizhou, in particular surface of photovoltaic power plants, continued growth in the number of fish ponds, increasing coverage playing on the surface area of the Lake, eco-line regional protection, community building, flood control and drainage of wetlands, water resources conservation, climate regulation functions of lakes and many other resource constraints continue to emerge. This year, the Wetland Protection Ordinance is expected to be promulgated in Jiangsu Province, will be new demands on fish ponds of PV power station construction.

Second, the main purposes of the opinion

City Office issued the opinion, mainly in order to promote the development of PV power plant project in the city. Meanwhile, correctly handle the relationship between photovoltaic projects and resource endowments, better promotion of photovoltaic industry and environmental protection, agricultural production, wetland construction, tourism resources development and coordinated development of distribution network security.

Three, rational determination of PV power plant classification promote path

Views determine PV power generation projects in our city is divided into “rooftop PV power plants, photovoltaic power plant and fish pond water in agricultural greenhouse PV” categories.

Rooftop photovoltaic power plant must rely on legal structures (without certificate of title or ownership and land titles to date) implementation, including industrial estates housing development and reform department record, resident-owned apartment housing register directly through the electricity sector.

Relying on Agriculture greenhouse (including other agricultural facilities project) implementation of PV power plant shall be subject to confirmation in the agricultural sector, within the design phase of the project will not have an impact on agricultural production.

Pond surface by careful site selection, according to measures such as the use of photovoltaic power station, relying on the pond water and waste land according to law. According to the national land-use policies, clearly apart from the booster station as well as other supporting facilities, PV power plant project may not be implemented directly on the ground, other types of agricultural land shall not be occupied, construction land and natural watercourses.

Agricultural greenhouses, ponds above surface of photovoltaic power stations according to different circumstances, acquisition planning, environmental impact assessment, evaluation, stability evaluation and effective lease agreements and other materials, after and agreed by the departments of agriculture, water resources management, development and reform Department. In addition, in accordance with the security facilities of construction project “three simultaneous” interim measures for the supervision and management of project unit of its comprehensive analysis of the safe production conditions and facilities, a written report for future reference.

Four, the implementation of measures related to high quality construction of photovoltaic power station

Around the views put forward in conjunction with water conservation, ecological governance, climate regulation, maintaining ecological communities and flood control and drainage of lakes and so on, by means of resources available for analysis, protection, law and regulations promoting photovoltaic projects successfully implemented.

Grid access, stressed that according to the distribution system capacity, and the scale of the proposed project to determine PV grid access level and the way to ensure supply security. Cannot meet the distribution operation conditions of security, called for the development of power grids upgrading plans, creating favourable conditions of access as soon as possible.

Through the above measures, to the greatest extent, control of construction terms of projects launched in haste so as not to cause unnecessary waste of human, material and financial resources.

Five, carried out the construction of ecological civilization concept

Taking into account the opinion of Taizhou system maintenance the sensitivity and importance of the ecological resources, and proposed PV plants running in the process to strengthen the analysis of heavy metals in precipitation amount, safeguarding agricultural land, Lake area ecosystem stability. Meanwhile, taking into account the PV module technology upgrades, as well as its functioning life and other factors, the opinion also made clear requirements, according to the actual situation of PV power station, focusing on waste disposal of battery components, enact measures to protect ecological environment safety and stability.

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