Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission on notifications of accelerating

Polaris solar PV net news: the municipal development and Reform Commission, the leading Group Office of poverty alleviation and development, agricultural development Bank of China branch in the city, Shandong province, State grid electric power company:

For implement implementation national on implementation PV power poverty work of views (sent modified energy (2016) No. 621,), and on issued PV poverty implementation programme prepared outline of notification (country can fully new can (2016) No. 280,) and Shandong province PV poverty implementation programme (LU poverty group sent (2016) 3rd,), file spirit, speed up promoted I province PV poverty engineering organization implementation, now will about matters notification following:

Significance of ATD, fully realize PV

Photovoltaic power generation with clean, reliable technology, income is relatively stable, and other advantages. In my province, building a better photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation in poor areas, accurate, precise way out of poverty for poverty alleviation is both innovative and effective ways, is also a benefit of poor villages and poor masses, ensure long-term stability benefit people’s livelihood projects; both central and provincial government poverty alleviation crucial strategic intent, and green clean low-carbon development strategy in line with the national trend. Regions according to the unified deployment of the provincial party Committee and Government, important measures for poverty alleviation of poverty reduction project as photovoltaic industry, further increase efforts, to win the province’s three-year poverty battle added a new impetus. To actively integrate special poverty alleviation fund (Fund), the social support fund, bank loans and a variety of agriculture-related funds, coordinated land, grid access and infrastructure conditions, accelerated PV project implementation.

Second, scientific, PV, the poor three-year action plan

According to provincial, and provincial Government three years poverty storming of General deployment, by the city development reform sector led, with poverty, and grid, about sector, according to local province in determine of built document state card poverty population number and the distribution, and PV construction conditions, and grid access and the elimination na, status, in full research, and widely sought views of based Shang, science developed this city PV poverty three years action plans (2016-2018), clear city PV poverty work target task, and construction scale, and construction type, and construction conditions, and sources , Effects, safeguard measures, and so on. Making PV poor three-year action plan to seek truth from facts, be projects and poverty alleviation, and precise docking operation clear, money, land, construction of grid access conditions of implementation. To subdivide the overall mission objectives and break down into each year, each County (city, district) and specific projects, enhance the relevance and operability. Province, PV, will be based on the three-year plan of action for poverty alleviation, prepared PV poor planning in the province, as a guide the construction of photovoltaic PV projects for poverty alleviation, arrangements in the province scale, as well as an important basis for promoting the upgrading of rural power network. Action plan outline and schedule see annex, July 5 before this city’s three-year action plan for official documents and the electronic version of the report the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial leading Group Office of poverty alleviation and development.

Three, to expedite the preparation of key County PV poverty reduction programme

According to the country’s comprehensive new energy (2016) No. 280, document requirements, preferred poverty task heavier, enthusiasm is high and superior construction conditions in key counties, in counties speed up the Organization preparing the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programme (preparation of the outline and the relevant forms in annex 3). The County to and Manpower consider province in determine of built document state card poor geographical distribution, and location land using and grid access conditions, factors, adjusting measures to local conditions take roof distributed PV, and village level small PV power station and concentrated type PV power station, construction type; into PV poverty implementation programme of project to implementation funds financing, and land, and grid access, capital conditions, has related sector of support sex file, ensure project timely landing. To adhere to precise, accurate poverty for poverty alleviation, Shandong province by local poverty reduction departments under the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programme on the implementation of the object-related requirements, the principle to determine PV object for poverty alleviation, project benefits into concrete, in poor villages, and the poor, annual yield in principle more than 3000 Yuan per household. Take the Government’s investment and financing construction of photovoltaic projects in cooperation with commercial enterprises, and to rationally determine the main financing and commercial enterprises funded ratio, government investment and financing the main equity benefits and manpower for precision for poverty alleviation. Preparation of the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes, will be reported to the National Energy Board in the province seeking construction scale and an important basis for policy support.

Four, increase the intensity of support for photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation

(A) the priorities scale of photovoltaic power station building for poverty alleviation

Poverty is a major political task. In order to ensure the successful completion of provincial government gives 1000 Pro-poor focus, 100,000 poor PV poverty alleviation task this year and next, PV power station construction scale of priority for poverty alleviation work in our province. Province will be in accordance with the requirements of the National Energy Board, based on work progress, batches will be prepared in County Organization of the PV implementation for poverty alleviation programmes reported to the State, approved countries will be issued by the special construction scale of the photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation. Not yet included encouraging State of PV power plant construction has been built or started construction projects unit, active docking to negotiate with local governments, PV into the relevant cities and counties three-year action plan and the implementation of programmes for poverty alleviation, effective economic and social benefits of the project.

(B) increase financial policy support

According to the change-energy (2016), No. 621, spirit, active docking after negotiation, Shandong province, China Development Bank branch, Shandong provincial branch of the agricultural development Bank of China province PV project to provide preferential loans for poverty alleviation, lending rates are based on the funding cost in the Bank lending interest rate based on a moderate fall in the same period. Encourage other banks and social security, insurance and all kinds of Fund money on the premise of a reasonable return for low-cost financing for PV projects.

(C) to give priority to accelerate supporting network construction and operation services

Power companies will increase its rural power grid upgrading in poor areas, for photovoltaic grid-connected network of poverty alleviation projects and provides technical support, village-level solar net work to the priority for poverty alleviation in rural power grid upgrading project. Centralized PV power plant project, its network into the green channel should be handled to ensure that distribution network projects completed and put into operation simultaneously with the photovoltaic project. Regardless of village PV power plant (including home), centralized PV power station, power companies were responsible for the network and supporting the network of investment and construction work. To develop a reasonable grid-connected photovoltaic project power to dissolve and run programmes to ensure priority access and full purchase.

(D) effective protection of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation funds

In accordance with national requirements, PV projects of priority national renewable energy information management system and the list of additional national renewable electricity price subsidies, giving priority to ensure that PV projects on time and in full settlement for electricity and receiving a State subsidy funds.

Five, to strengthen organization and coordination

Further establish and improve the provincial, city and County of implementation mechanisms, so clear a clear division of labour, responsibilities, tasks to the people, accountability, promoting photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. City and County Government to be set up chaired by the principal responsible comrades of the PV coordination leading group for poverty alleviation, members mainly include development, poverty alleviation, financial, planning, environmental protection, land and resources, forestry and other sectors, as well as power companies and financial institutions, coordinate and solve PV anti-poverty projects in the implementation of major policies and issues. PV Shandong province, relevant departments in accordance with the poverty reduction programme for the implementation of clear division of responsibilities, strengthening vertical and horizontal convergence of communication, close coordination and cooperation, PV works smoothly providing strong organizational guarantee for poverty alleviation.

Contact: Sun Ning 0531-86191938, provincial development and Reform Commission 86191953

Tao Wang of the provincial poverty alleviation Office 0531-51776451

State Bank branch, Shandong province, Song Wei 0531-81928122

Agricultural Development Bank branch, Shandong province, Zhang 0531-85189606

Annex: PV, 1.__ three-year action plan for poverty alleviation (2016-2018) development outline

PV, 2.__ three-year action plan for poverty alleviation (2016-2018) project summary

PV implementation for poverty alleviation programming 3.__ County outline

PV pro-poor implementation plan outline table of 4.__ County 1-4

Original title: Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission on notifications of accelerating PV poverty alleviation work in Shandong province

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