Solar polysilicon supply and demand imbalance prices in the second half leading

Polaris solar PV net news: solar installing surge of China ahead of the June 30 final countdown, and the Chinese Government has not clearly defined demand this year target, subsequent related indicators such as details of the subsidies, solar manufacturers on both sides order visibility was sharply weaker in late June. TrendForce’s new EnergyTrend study by the Energy Department Deputy Manager Lin Yan Rong said that in the third quarter of this year, the United States, Europe and other major markets have mounted pressure in power plant manufacturers under subsequent components will significantly decline, orders is quite cold, and this aggressive expansion will also give manufacturers even more pressure in the off-season.

Low season came, and excess capacity to speed up the supply chain to a decline

Single and polycrystalline silicon wafer manufacturers still maintain full utilization rates this month, making polysilicon is still somewhat short of demand in China, June price maintenance RMB145/kg range consolidation, presently, polysilicon prices accelerated, and polysilicon price shock. As the demand weakened significantly since July, downstream firms will be under utilization rates have been on a downtrend in the future to imagine. Some polysilicon manufacturers in the third quarter will use repair, small cuts and other ways to adjust their supply in order to control the speed of price.

Silicon wafer market sharply this year, production capacity is rapidly expanding to make polycrystalline silicon wafer manufacturers feel threatened, GCL led faucet manufacturers June release obviously decline, China poly silicon chip prices had fallen to between RMB6~6.2/pc, Mono and multi US$0.1/pc spreads again, follow-up single, poly’s battle for market share is worth observing. Taiwan, multicrystalline silicon prices May US$0.85~0.855/pc directly in June, down from US$0.835/pc, and EnergyTrend estimated in late June after declining demand has become more apparent, polysilicon will be a wave of declines in chip prices.

Cell is almost no provision for space, but with weaker demand, factors such as polysilicon prices again, Taiwan solar cell prices fell to ex-factory price of US$0.293~0.296/W, on both sides of the battery manufacturer near zero gross margins. Cell capacity up to 13~15GW global expansion this year in particular, demand last year was only slightly grown 4GW, in case of a slowdown in growth, this year and next season, manufacturers will face a considerable challenge.

The other hand, due to the ATP, ja, TRW and other first-tier manufacturers third real estate has become more complete, purchase of the battery is reduced sharply, making a third battery prices fall US$0.37/W, bargain failed to escape the fate of, is no longer a panacea of high gross margins.

Component of expansion more dramatic than the cell, grid-connected domestic demand in China is likely in the second half than first half, no grounds for optimism in the third quarter. Chinese component manufacturers to RMB3.5/W, and US$0.46/W low price order is very common, and the chance to participate in the Chinese market the pomp of the overseas assembly plant, first step to weakening demand. Lin Yanrong pointed out that component factories around the globe are beginning to feel pressure on the stock, drive components in the world average by the end of may will go down all the way.

Original title: solar power imbalances between supply and demand in the second half, polycrystalline silicon chip prices led

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