Solar powered Apple spaceship headquarters nearing completion

Polaris solar PV net news: according to foreign media reports that Apple is working on its California headquarters, kubodinuo 3 miles away and built a new headquarters, this is known as “spacecraft” (Spaceship or Campus2) ‘s new headquarters is a mammoth, and global coverage of the business is definitely a great match.

Headquarters of the spacecraft resembling a round flying saucer, over 1 mile in circumference, longer than the circumference of the Pentagon.

Headquarters of the spacecraft are scheduled to be completed later in the year, was built up to 13,000 employees, CEO Cook (TimCook) and design guru Johnny ˙ Ivy (JonyIve) will be found tending to.

Headquarters of the spacecraft will be powered using clean, renewable, but perhaps the most eye-catching is the headquarters of the main installation of thousands of pieces of curved glass on the building, which is the world’s largest architectural glass, let the whole spacecraft headquarters looks beautiful and very stylish.

Solar powered Apple spaceship headquarters nearing completion

Headquarters of the spacecraft used a total of more than more than 3,000 pieces of glass, which is the world’s largest curved glass

Spaceship headquarters using a 60,000 pound hollow concrete slab, the headquarters main building has “breathing” ability to improve the quality of the entire Headquarters.

Key statistics

176: spacecraft completed, headquarters occupies a total area of 176 acres

1.23 million: total glass area of the headquarters of the entire spacecraft used for 1.23 million square feet

3000: spaceship Headquarters total amount of glass used for 3000 pieces

7000: the heavy glass is approximately 7000 lbs

4300: spaceship headquarters floors and ceilings using a total of 4300 block of concrete hollow slab

60,000: heaviest concrete hollow slab, weighing 60,000 lbs

75%: peak operation hours, headquarters of the spacecraft’s own production of renewable energy in total energy supply to 75%

16: spaceship headquarters rooftop solar panel produces 16 MW of electricity

5 billion: the headquarters of the entire spacecraft cost about US $ 5 billion


Spaceship headquarters of the glass is said to be the world’s largest curved glass, used to build this curved glass office building is not an easy thing, but Apple is doing. In order to purchase these curved glass, apples-with-Germany Sedak/Seele glass manufacturer cooperation. Apple v located in Manhattan Avenue and Australia in Sydney, George Street Apple store glass is supplied by the manufacturer.

Sedak/Seele is responsible for processing into 36 specifications, 10.5 feet long and 46 feet wide, its length is the maximum length of the standard glass twice more than doubled.

Flat glass processed into curved glass is usually completed during the tempering, but this does not guarantee the transparency of the glass. In order to maintain transparency, Sedak/Seele try to use some of the other technologies. Sedak/Seele Riley, General Manager of ˙ Diller (NelliDiller), said: “we will glass heated to 600 degrees Celsius to enhance its hardness, and then in the final stages of laminated glass processing into curved glass. ”

Curved glass processing well after the Sedak/Seele by ship to single piece weighed about 20 pounds of glass from Germany to the United States in California, way to go through the Atlantic Ocean and the Panama channel.

Field installation and construction unit using suction cups glasses suck, and then creeping up to the installation location for installation. Headquarters of the entire spacecraft used a total of 900 vertical glass roof glass, 510, 1600 block promenade 126 pieces of window glass and glass. The largest single glass weighing more than 3 tons. Current error is 1/8 inches of glass of the highest quality, which means that actual glass dimensions errors within 1/8 inch with dimensioning, but Apple headquarters used by these higher accuracy of the spacecraft, error control within 1/32 inches.

Solar powered Apple spaceship headquarters nearing completion

Construction unit using suction cup glass sucked, and then creeping up to the installation location for installation


Headquarters of the spacecraft used a lot of hollow concrete slab, these plates can make buildings to “breathe”. Executives of the international architecture and design firm Foster+Partners Stefan ˙ Behring (StefanBehling), said: “this design can greatly reduce the need for conventional cooling. ”

In order to design these hollow concrete slab, Foster+Partners formed a 70-member team of engineers. To make employees feel comfortable, headquarters will also configure a conventional cooling system of the spacecraft. But these traditional cooling systems normally do not open, will only exist as a backup system.

A concrete slab about 13 feet wide and 40 feet long, they and I-beams and hollow brick, although the weight, but will not be affected.

Solar powered Apple spaceship headquarters nearing completion

Effect of hollow concrete slab

Headquarters of the entire spacecraft using the 4300 block of hollow concrete slab, the total weight is approximately 212 squat. In contrast, the restaurant of the headquarters of the spacecraft with a total weight of steel doors up to 330 tons. The restaurant door height of about 92 inches, has a total area of 60,000 square feet.

Solar powered Apple spaceship headquarters nearing completion

Hoisting hollow concrete slab

The environment

The hollow concrete slab used in addition to the main building to provide natural ventilation function, Apple’s new headquarters will be a renewable energy supply.

Spaceship headquarters rooftop solar panels will provide 16 megawatts of electricity, it is the headquarters of the main supply source. Headquarters of the spacecraft will be equipped with base load is 4 MW biogas fuel cell can convert hydrogen and oxygen into energy. Is expected to peak, headquarters of the spacecraft required three-fourths of energy from its own production. Rest energy FirstSolar supplied by Monterey County and energy companies.

Headquarters will also attach great importance to cultivating the natural environment of the spacecraft, area parks with a total area of 80%, and also a variety of indigenous trees will be planted in the Park. Apple hopes the new headquarters will provide an environmentally friendly and comfortable working environment for employees, keep them indoors can also feel like outdoors comfortable.

Apple promised not to build the spaceship headquarters cut down local forests.

Solar powered Apple spaceship headquarters nearing completion

Nearing completion

Headquarters after the completion of the spacecraft, the main building has 7 floors, of which 4 floors on the ground, 3 floors underground. Park will be equipped with a number of other facilities, including 7 coffee shop, a fitness centre and a 120,000-square-foot theater. Apple’s new product launch, held in the theatre in the future.

Spaceship Headquarters construction work is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, early Apple employee in 2017 will be moved into the new headquarters.

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