Sotec Magnus EN980 experience the VR Mini PC

  Released Mini PC products Magnus EN980, the computer maker Sotec (Zotac) has proved to us that: even if we do not have to purchase a bulky desktop PC, you can get a virtual reality experience, to find out. Valentino i6 plus case

Valentino i6 plus case

  It is understood that the Sotec mix in this Mini PC is a desktop-class NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics cards as well as an unknown model of Skylake sixth-generation Intel processors, which exceeds the minimum hardware requirements for virtual reality games PC.

Sotec Magnus EN980: experience the VR Mini PC

  It is worth mentioning that this Magnus EN980 Mini PC’s fuselage also incorporates a water cooling system, to prevent the body from overheating. In addition, the connection property of this product is also excellent, with HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-A, and USB-C interfaces, up to 4 external display support.

  At present, we do not know the specific price and launch date of the Magnus EN980, it will be at this year’s GDC and CeBIT exhibition debut, then we will get more details about this product. If you are tired of carrying big game PC for high-end configurations, Magnus EN980 is really a big surprise.

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