Subsidies changed green finance or PV enterprises new hope

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, head of the national development and Reform Commission said publicly, is mulling reforming PV price forming mechanism and improve subsidy standards, establishing a subsidy falling steadily mechanism until the removal of subsidies. This statement, PV subsidies once again thrust into the public spotlight.

Subsidies, blackouts, has been around the hot topic for the PV industry, are also two major pain points. By 2015, China has become the largest country in the global PV installed capacity. According to estimates, the “Thirteen-Five” period PV subsidies demand reached 76.2 billion yuan a year on average. And national income each year is about 60 billion renewable energy subsidies. Serious shortage of PV power plant source of subsidies.

National should gas Hou changes strategy research and international cooperation Center director Li junfeng also said, new energy industry market layout has two problem need clear: a is, in low carbide, and clean of development of energy transformation direction not variable of based Shang, new energy of growth must slowed; II is, consider to things Department exists of larger differences, existing national subsidies policy vociferously of situation certainly to occurred change.

Even under the existing policies, on the one hand, according to the securities times, roughly, photovoltaic power station is generating income for most of the State subsidies, subsidies for photovoltaic power plants, therefore the Government is an important source of profit. The other hand, subsidies are not in place, not in time was seen by institutional investors as also ranked near the top of the photovoltaic industry risks. Built in leasing General Manager Qin Qun said, because subsidies to lag behind, as well as the Northwest Territories most of the abandoned light power, some companies have begun to sell power plants, new PV liquidity will weaken, bringing a liquidity risk. Concord Group Vice President and GCL energy Vice President Jiang Tao said, the case of subsidies are not in place, the group appears so long under the project had dragged on for two years. On profitability and cash flow have a greater impact.

In this scenario, and continuously improve technical efficiency and financing channels innovation survive and the inevitable choice for sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry.

Trina, Vice President Dong Shuguang said that by 2020, if not consider Internet issues, PV power cost 5 cents the following possible. Jiang Tao is explicitly stated, GCL group aims by 2020 to achieve parity, to participate in the bidding. Leading enterprises of two photovoltaic energy foot is not without reason. Statistics show that, from 2007 to 2015, from 36 Yuan per watt PV module prices down 3.5 to 3.8 Yuan, grid-connected PV system cost 60 Yuan per watt, down from 7 to 8 yuan per watt, price per watt inverter 4 drops to 0.3 Yuan per watt. “By 2020 PV prices will be further reduced by 50%, by then PV achieved direct competition with traditional energy sources are also possible. “Qin Qun said.

In addition to practicing technical skills, growing green finance in China since last year also attracted the attention of photovoltaic companies.

It is understood that the Concord Group had more green finance financing expansion. Jiang Tao said, “we always wanted to do in the industry first single the Green bonds. “In addition, GCL is also working with domestic banking links have been Green bonds. “Bank rate at 2.9 per cent of issuance of green bonds, if 2-3 points to us. Bank earnings, we also benefit from. ”

Li junfeng stressed that green finance is not a label, its most important part is differentiated investment, environmental protection and green industry, new energy industry in particular preferential interest rates, subsidies, and new ways of financing. He said the other, related files will be published to promote green finance in the development of the State Council.

Original title: subsidies changed green finance or PV enterprises new hope

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