Taiwan new instant energy for the first time more than nuclear energy

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan on June 1 since the weather station’s century-old high temperature, high temperature of 38.7 degrees Celsius in Taipei, pull the power curve warning, preparation of transfer capacity is limited to 1.5%. But on this day, all new energy instant once estimated nuclear power 3,458,000kWh 3,490,000kWh over the same time, Taiwan history of energy first.

On June 1, Taiwan power spike landed in 1:44 P.M.; in earlier 1:40, wind, solar, water and is classified as a new energy projects such as hydro-electric power generation project electricity more than nuclear power generation, writing down history. The liberty times quoted information, when hydro-electric power up to 1,719,000kWh 244,000kWh, 1,170,000kWh pumped storage power generation, wind power generation, solar energy is estimated to be 360,000kWh. Taiwan environmental protection Union, said this is the “historical moment”.

According to EnergyTrend understanding, Taiwan power company installed in 1,000kW per cent of renewable energy which should be transmitting power system information data to Taipower, but due to solar PV is a small system 1,000kW, therefore does not have instant data; data through registration data held by 360,000kWh, calculated according to the ratio observed with sunshine. From the chart, June 1, at 1:40 P.M., fax to power solar data for 11,000kWh.

According to the information at present Taiwan new energy power generation can be divided into solar, wind, cogeneration, biogas, hydropower, and total installed capacity of about 5,600,000kW, 12% per cent of overall power generation devices. In 2015 the overall energy mix, nuclear power output generate 16.04%, renewable energy accounts for only 3.01%.

Tsai led the new Government has begun planning and development of renewable energy resources, and towards a non-nuclear homeland by 2025 as the target. Ministry of economic planning, hope will raise the proportion of renewable energy power generation to the 20% in 2025.

Taiwan new instant energy for the first time more than nuclear energy

(Photo: camera network. Source: Taiwan power company)

Original title: Taiwan new instant energy for the first time more than nuclear energy

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