Taiwan power company will invest 1GW solar power generation system

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan power company has developed 15 investment plans, in 2030, added 3.5GW renewable energy power systems, including the 1GW solar. Taiwan Economic Affairs Department of energy says, 2025 nuclear-free homeland, actions of the Government will at the same time.

Taiwan power company is expected to invest NT $ 400 billion yuan in the period 15, requirements for development of geothermal energy and offshore wind technology and construction projects, and plan to 2025 new geothermal energy and offshore wind power, solar PV power plant further to 3.5GW 2.2GW,2030 year, consists of the 1.8GW, 700MW of offshore wind power generation onshore wind power and geothermal power, 1GW solar PV power generation.

In addition, the Ministry of economy in 2025, the Department of energy plans to raise the proportion of renewable energy power generation to the overall generating capacity of 20%, and to achieve a nuclear-free homeland goals that year. Economic Affairs stressed that Taiwan’s investment in renewable energy and a nuclear-free homeland plan will go hand in hand.

In addition to investment in renewable power generation on their own systems, private companies will also be brought into development of renewable energy. According to the Taiwan power company raised the prospect of renewable energy, 2025 solar PV development goals 6.2GW, 12.5GW;2030 increased year to all renewable energy solar-powered PV8.7GW, renewable energy total 17.25GW. Tsai had made before his Government came to power solar energy target by 2025 20GW, but still in development, there are no official targets.

Original title: Taiwan power company will invest 1GW solar power generation system

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