Taiwan PV installed capacity 20GW ambitious there are problems to be resolved

Polaris solar PV net news: China Taiwan a month after the new Government took office, the official from the Ministry of economy by the 22nd new renewable energy development goals. Among them, solar electric (PV) devices than the original target of 6.2GW grew to 20GW, offshore wind from 2GW to 3GW. Although inquiries are gearing up, but admits there are still problems to be solved.

Li Shiguang, economy Minister on 22nd official renewable energy goals, will soon be sent to the Executive Yuan for approval. 20GW 3GW of offshore wind and solar PV power generation and estimation will be NT $ 1.74 trillion yuan stimulus investment in equipment, if made, would effectively turn Taiwan industry’s growth. In addition, Li Shiguang reiterated 2025 nuclear-free homeland, renewable energy accounted for more than 20% such goals will continue to promote.

Currently Taiwan solar wholesale purchase prices per unit, 4.7~6.5 NT, offshore wind power is comprised an 5.5 Yuan. Energy Secretary said the wholesale purchase price adjustment of future mining annual review method, but due to the increased size, technology, cost and other factors, expected the wholesale purchase price should fall.

Five major problems

Economic report admits that the new energy solutions would face five major challenges, including: incorporation, land consolidation, the feeder fishing rights compensation, navigational safety and infrastructure.

With regard to land, said Li Shiguang took office has made 10,000 hectares of land in coordination with COA solar, currently only counted about 6,000 hectares. Yesterday has passed the interim proposal, Economic Affairs and agriculture shall, within one month, that is, before the end of July the concrete location, in order to facilitate planning.

Ministry of economic planning, 2025 rooftop solar installation target 3GW, ground 17GW, about 22,500 hectares of the land required. Inventory land is currently available mainly for the salinization of land, subsidence, and disadvantaged farming areas, there are about 2,700 hectares of water area can be used for floating on the water with solar energy. Ministry of economy said that after acquiring land from synchronized network structures.

Grid is a potential difficulty. Feeder line and substation costs, sources of funding, capacity and stability, residents rally would be relevant to development issues and find solutions as soon as possible, so as not to repeat the international route.

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